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EPA's Next Priority: Meat Control?


The really nice thing about having left-wing comedy hosts is that Democrat officials have absolutely no problem appearing on their talk shows. It’s really nice to have these people interviewed in a comfortable non-confrontational setting, because the darndest things will come out.

Bill Maher in a rare hard-nosed moment, presses EPA administrator Lisa Jackson to answer a tough question about whether the EPA intends to regulate meat. After she dodges the question, Bill asks it again.

[youtube lbpjThlPbps nolink]

Now I could be wrong, because she was stuttering badly, but didn’t the United States EPA Administrator say that she is looking into Meat Control? She certainly advocated a restriction on food grown outside of the US.

But MEAT CONTROL? I’ve met a lot of vegetarians in my travels. I don’t really care about those who practice it themselves, although I often question their logic. I look at vegetarianism as a sort of religion, and have no problem with it being practiced in the privacy of one’s own cat-filled home. But in America we have a separation of church and state, and if you intend to force me to conform to your religious dietary restrictions, I’m going to make a little noise.

I still haven’t forgiven McDonalds for taking the beef tallow out of their french fryer. If we can have Pepsi Throwback for a limited time only, couldn’t McDonalds offer Original Recipe Fries? And while you’re at it, bring back those fried apple pies with the hot lava filling. Here’s an idea: if you want to be a vegetarian, and you are afraid you might burn yourself, stay out of McDonalds. I’m tired of having to cater to the lowest common denominator, and I don’t like their new luke warm coffee either..

Meat Control is exactly the kind of thing people warned about, when it was proposed that the EPA would be given the authority to regulate CO2. You might think I’m crazy, and conspiratorial; but back when smoking bans were popping up, some of us warned that soon smoking would be banned in bars, and that snack food would soon be regulated. The naysayers laughed at us.

Now that it is almost impossible to find a place where you can enjoy a cocktail with a smoke, trans-fats are illegal in New York, and a national soda tax has been proposed, I feel sullenly vindicated.

So I demand an answer from Ms. Jackson. Do you, or do you not, intend to regulate meat? Millions of Hungry Carnivores need to know.

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