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Unsolved Mysteries and Irreconcilable Differences for Mr. Scott Harshbarger


ACORN hired Mr. Scott Harshbarger from the law firm of Proskauer Rose LLP to investigate its internal misconduct. Today’s video raises serious questions regarding ACORN’s police complaint that Mr. Harshbarger should investigate. ACORN stated weeks ago that its Philadelphia employees kicked me and Hannah out of their office and then called the police, and ACORN produced a copy of a police report. Everyone now knows that ACORN indisputably lied about removing us and didn’t kick us out; it helped us, invited us to come back, and warmly bid us goodbye. This begs many questions that Mr. Harshbarger should investigate:

(1) Why did the Philadelphia office apparently waste taxpayer money and scarce police resources calling the police about a “verbal disturbance” by two people they were happy to help?

(2) Why would ACORN file a police report after warmly helping us with our purported “prostitution business”?

(3) Why would ACORN make a police complaint about a “verbal disturbance” when there was no disturbance?

(4) Why did ACORN apparently call the police as many as 45 minutes after we left?

(5) Why does ACORN apparently think that making and publishing an after-the-fact police complaint would cover up its willingness to help our “prostitution business” and its lies about what happened when we visited?

(Select “full screen” to view larger version of police report.)

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