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High Noon in New York 23rd: A Ref Would Have Called It By Now. Time to Dump Dede


Once upon a time, ‘Republican’ Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava was the front-runner in the special election to replace actual Republican Rep. John McHugh. That was then, the video below is now:

[youtube O62AjSPpDOs]

In politics, a good rule-of-thumb is that the candidate calling for more debates is the candidate that is losing. It usually means they are just about out of money and need staged, public events to even hope to get their message out. For a big government liberal like Dede, it figures she would resort to this. It seems noone is buying what she’s selling, so she’s trying to orchestrate her own bailout. That is fairly typical.

What isn’t typical, however, is her campaign’s apparent–and total–lack of competence. Who stages a press conference and fails to control its visuals? City council races in Nebraska have more discipline.

Dede will not be going to Congress. That institution is already over its quota of stimulus and bailout-supporting, ObamaCare-cheerleading, tax-hiking, ACORN-allied politicians. The next Congressman will either be Democrat Bill Owens or Conservative Doug Hoffman.

Dede is now just a spoiler. There is no need to reiterate the problems with Dede’s platform. Those have been well-documented by Big Government contributor Dana Loesch. Dede says she is committed to voting for Rep. John Boehner as Speaker. Hoffman will make the same vote. Owens will vote for Rep. Nancy Pelosi. If Dede wants Boehner to be Speaker, she should drop out of the race.

Dede, nothing personal, but your candidacy is simply a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. There is simply too much at stake in our nation to indulge your personal ambition. Please end this. Now.

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