ClimateGate: What, No 'Raise Your Right Hand' Photo-Op?

I am told that, at this morning’s hearing of the House Select Committee on Global Warming, the Ranking Republican Jim Sensenbrenner (WI) requested that the two administration science witnesses — White House science advisor John Holdren, most recently seen in the ClimateGate emails defending the erasing from history the Medieval Warm Period, and NOAA administrator and longtime activist Jane Loubchenco — be sworn in before testifying.


Chairman Ed Markey conferred, then denied the request.

Could lead to all sorts of unpleasant things. Like the truth. Or consequences.

That’s alright. The correspondence from fairly seasoned lawyer buddies raises increasingly intriguing prospects for helping to sort out that which a real investigation would but, troubling early signs indicate, we should probably not expect from the kind we are likely to see.

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