Obama: A Republican Plant?

Many of us had no idea the Republican Party had it in them, but to devise and implement such a plan was ingenious. Think about it; party leadership acting totally inept while a charismatic young Democrat presidential candidate captures the imagination of the normally lethargic youth vote, captures the senior vote, women, and even sends a thrill up the leg of the media.


And within a few short months after attaining the presidency, he conducts himself in a manner (personally and in office) that had not only invigorated his political opponents, but has them so energized they take to the streets and even march on The Capitol (more than once). One would have to conclude Barack Hussein Obama is either the most politically clueless president ever, or… is really a stealth Republican destroying the Democrat Party from within.

Is Barack Obama a Republican plant?

The left’s political correctness has been an obvious component in implementing this plan. Normally, the media would be performing the customary colonoscopy on the background of the man who would be president. Teams of reporters were dispatched to Alaska for any clue as to where Sarah Palin’s pedicurist dumped the toenail clippings, but when it came to Barack Obama, all he needed do was slam the door shut on any details into his past and the press was fine with that.

Constantly hanging over their PC heads was the veiled threat of racism, a tactic that must have had Obama’s GOP cohorts rolling on the floor as it was a lock the left would play along. Even more convenient were the theories that surfaced on why his past was being kept secret. The Birther Movement was a gift that had many at each other’s throats while Obama’s true past as a conservative Republican was totally ignored.

But as a relatively inexperienced black Democrat running for the nation’s highest office, the one thing the Republicans didn’t initially plan for (but made most use of later) was the liberal obsession with GOP hate. The left hated George W. Bush more than they loved candidate Obama, and while that required a tweaking of the original plan, it’s that very hate that made his goals after the election even easier to attain.

There were many fortunate results of that Bush hate. The normally unreliable youth vote became energized with the use of two simple, yet meaningless words; “hope” and “change”. Suspect Republicans were outed by their public turncoat support of Obama, the mighty Oprah electorate was fractured by her private (but very public) campaigning, Hollywood found yet another pet cause to make themselves feel over-the-top relevant, and many Americans voted for him because they more feared the scarlet “R” that would appear on their foreheads should they not.

Political correctness, race-baiting, white-guilt; liberal weapons were ingeniously turned back on them by Barack Obama, and knowing the left as they did, was probably the part of the plan that took the least effort to implement, yet harvested the most fruit.

And don’t be fooled by the overuse of the teleprompter. Initially a bad joke during planning, it’s now a very visible part of the parody that’s become the Obama presidency.

Once Barack Obama became president, the overall goal was simple: destroy the Democrats from within. This has to be done with some care because of the hazard of being too obvious. Discretion was key.

One aspect of the plan was to reveal the juvenile nature of the Democrat constituency to the world audience from the very first few minutes of his term. That constituency gleefully played along from their Third World-like taking to the streets on Election Night, to the televised booing of Bush during the Obama inauguration. The juvenile nature of the left would be a well the Republican planners knew they could dip into often. It not only lowered the guard of narcissistic liberals, but very quickly inflamed vanquished conservatives to the point of later taking to the streets themselves.

The balancing act of discretion and effectiveness was almost a joy to watch.

Barack Obama was able to direct the appointment of a barely lucid old man to replace him in the Senate, and by cleverly doing so, brought the uber-corrupt Democrat Chicago machine into the world spotlight, and eventually brought down the Democrat Illinois governor, and has left a legal cloud of suspicion over the head of Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. That is what Republicans call a bonus.

Upon taking office President Obama had to further enrage the Republican base, so he quickly and publicly rescinded some of the effective policies of George W. Bush by executive order. And then the fun began.

He campaigned as a Democrat who would work with Republicans, but named ultra-partisan Rahm Emanuel as White House Chief of Staff. In a move that could have been considered parody, he named Timothy Geithner to be his Secretary of the Treasury. A man who would be in charge of collecting all of our taxes while not paying his own. The media later questioned why Geithner wasn’t properly vetted.

He was.

Barack Obama later named former Senator Tom Daschle to be his head of Health and Human Services. It was later revealed Daschle had tax problems of his own. The media later questioned why Daschle wasn’t properly vetted.

He was.

Barack Obama named environmental activist Van Jones to be one of his many czars. When video and audio surfaced of Jones making questionable statements (including calling Republicans “assholes”), the media later questioned why Jones wasn’t properly vetted.

He was.

While spotlighting the liberal extremes he was installing into policy positions, he set then set out to maim the Democrat Party.

It began by his intentional violation of the rules of economics. Recessions are cyclical. They just vary in length and severity. The usual practice of lowering taxes and reducing government spending usually signals to the private sector and Wall Street that stability was being sought, and stability and growth usually follows. The Obama-GOP aim was to violate the obvious rules and damage the economy using a socialist template that had the Democrat Party’s fingerprints all over it.

Instead of reducing spending and taxes, Obama and his willing Capitol Hill cohorts came up with a plan to jump-start the economy: The Stimulus Plan.

The government would “spend” $787 billion dollars we really didn’t have to create jobs. Of course, that immediately sent the wrong signals to Wall Street and the economy continued to plummet. Banks began to lose their solvency, and Obama’s Democrats (under the cover of Phase I put in motion by President Bush) began using tax money to keep financial institutions from “failing”.

The financial community were, for the most part, loyal Democrats. To create doubt and an eventual shift, Obama began to use public admonishment and later a “pay czar” to regulate the salaries and bonus of banking executives. If that wasn’t enough, Obama instigated unions to harass bank executives by organizing bus tours to their neighborhoods. The result was a financial infrastructure in fear.

The auto industry was the next target of Barack Obama and his ideologues. Normally, economic cycles dictate whether businesses are profitable, in peril, or should either be disbanded or restructured. Obama took automakers who were underwater because of employee legacy obligations, and instead of allowing them to restructure, directed the federal government to take over the willing.

In his ongoing attempt to create suspicion on the Democrats, he saw to it that car companies that accepted handouts would downsize. Of course, that downsizing would have to affect the little guy. Many dealerships had to close so a criteria had to be developed to decide which survived and which would not. Rahm Emanuel made that choice easy. If the dealership owner gave money primarily to Republicans, it was closed.

It was nice to have a look-the-other-way media on their side.

On the foreign policy front, Barack Obama’s goal to his supporters was to make the world like us again. Obama knew the world did. After all, more people emmigrate to the United States than immigrate from. Whenever there is a natural or man-made disaster, who is usually the first to offer welcomed assistance? But it again came down to capitalizing on the left’s Bush hatred, so what would normally be considered going over the top was heartily welcomed.

Obama went around the world, seemingly apologizing for everything evil that was America. The script was easy as it was just a recitation of every left wing rant heard from Democracy Now! to Colorado high school teacher Jay Bennish’s classroom. Many who initially supported Obama, Independents and veterans, are constantly annoyed by this, which is why Obama continues to do so.

Let’s not forget what Obama has successfully done to race relations in this country in the Democrats name. One word will forever represent the divide he so well exacerbated: “stupidly”.

While many are now beginning to understand the junk science and dubious financial interests behind global warming-climate change, Barack Obama would also use this to try and further burden the economy. His Cap-and-Trade proposals would not only severely slow the economic engine of the United States, but would also impose higher taxes and costs on the American people.

Cap-and-Trade is a Democrat concoction, thus Democrats will get the blame should it be passed.

The same with universal health care. While avoiding all the real problems with health care (frivolous lawsuits against doctors, lack of insurance company competition in some states), Obama played the failed Democrat playbook again and seeks government control over the entire health care industry. Note how Obama just sat back and allowed the far left to dictate and leave their fingerprints all over the terms of the legislation.

The results of Obama’s first ten months in office have been incredibly successful for the Republican Party, thus Barack Obama’s implementation of the GOP plan has been flawless.

In off year elections, the Democrat party lost two high-profile races for governor. Behind closed doors, Congressional and Senatorial Democrats are freaking out with the prospect of being slaughtered during the 2010 midterm elections, and what is Barack Obama doing?

Pushing the very policies that the American people pushed back against at the ballot box, going on foreign trips for photo ops while jobless numbers rise. What many of us noted as Barack Obama’s arrogance and hubris, it was really an over-the-top performance that makes always-angry liberals relax while the growing-angry right is further inspired.

Barack Obama is no accidental gift to the Republican Party. While he bows to every foreign leader possible, he’s really taking a bow for the GOP that secretly installed him as president to do what no Republican could ever get away with. Republicans owe a sincere debt to Mr. Obama who sacrificed many years of his life to prepare for the total (and willing) destruction of the Democrat Party.

And the best is yet to come.

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