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Why Scott Brown Must Win


Often people write to me asking, “Pamela, what can I do? The problems are overwhelming.”

Well, here is an easy and immediate fix: if you are in Massachusetts, vote for Scott Brown. If Brown makes it, the Democrats lose their super majority. Scott Brown in the Senate would break the filibuster-proof Congress. He can save America from imminent ruin from statists and socialism.


Yes, the election in Massachusetts today is that big. The Brown/Coakley face-off is arguably the most critical and historic race in the already monumental 2010 election year. We can stop, with one election, America’s race off the cliff, a race that comes to us courtesy the Obama Administration. The stakes could not be higher.

Scott Brown faces enormous odds, in the form of the enormous and corrupt Democrat Massachusetts political machine. And yet the Democrats are clearly running scared. A blue state for decades, the union thug-owned Democrat machine in Massachusetts is pulling out all the racketeering stops to destroy democracy and keep their party’s Congressional filibuster-proof majority. They are scared witless, as evidenced by the array of dirty tricks they are playing against Brown. The vicious attack ads are just the beginning. Brown has filed an ethics complaint with Massachusetts’ State Ethics Commission after the Service Employees International Union, which supports Coakley (of course), used state resources to aid her campaign.

Not coincidentally, the SEIU is closely linked to Barack Obama. According to the Federal Election Commission, the SEIU’s Committee on Political Education spent $18,818,358.97 on Obama’s behalf through December 2008. Some of this money paid for door-to-door canvassing for Obama, voter identification and registration, and phone banks. Andy Stern, the Service Employees International Union president, said in May 2009: “We spent a fortune to elect Barack Obama — $60.7 million to be exact — and we’re proud of it.” And Obama remembered to thank the SEIU, paying at least $2,250,000 to the SEIU over the last few months of his election campaign.

And now the same organization is pulling out all the stops to elect Martha Coakley and protect the Democrats’ anti-democratic super majority. And while it’s important to focus on the exceptional qualities and skills that Scott Brown will bring to the Senate, it is just as important to expose the ugly and disturbing resume of his unworthy opponent, Martha Coakley.

The thing is, the Democrats are so cocksure of their control, of the absolute corruption of the system and of the efficiency of their systemic voter fraud apparatus (the latter largely operated by ACORN), that they think they can run anyone, no matter how awful his or her record may be, or even someone with a mysterious opaque history (i.e., Barack Obama), and still win. They are not altogether wrong in that. If Martha Coakley wins today, their assumption will be proven right again.

Coakley, as Attorney General of Massachusetts, once advocated for the release without bail of a man who raped a 23-month-old baby girl with a hot curling iron. The rapist’s father had made a hefty contribution to Coakley’s campaign. And that is not the only ugly episode in the checkered career of Martha Coakley. You may remember the Amiraults, who were among the foremost victims of the bizarre “witch hunts” that went on in the 1980’s: people who ran daycare centers were accused of ritual rapes, devil worship, even baby sacrifices, etc. — all of it based merely on the weird testimony of obviously coached and manipulated children. And in spite of the egregious nature of the alleged crimes, there was no physical evidence to establish that they had happened at all. These were terrible persecutions of scores of innocent people in a sort of fashionable prosecution spree.

Yet even after Gerald Amirault had served fourteen years in prison despite the lack of a shred of evidence supporting the charges against him, and after the Massachusetts Governor’s Board of Pardons and Paroles had voted unanimously to commute his sentence, Martha Coakley lobbied hard against his release, and succeeded in keeping him in prison for four more years.

Martha Coakley is all for releasing true rapists with hot curling irons, but as for innocent people, that is a different story.

Maybe Gerald Amirault should have made a contribution to the Coakley campaign.

Vote for Scott Brown. So much of America’s future depends upon it.

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