When Will Sen. Reid Condemn the Actions of His Supporters?

Remember our Rogues’ Gallery of Reid supporters from last week? Let’s call them “The Searchlight Four”. They were the highest profile members of the “Rent-a-Thug” protest in support of Sen. Harry Reid on Saturday, March 27th. Their preferred method of showing support for the Majority Leader of the United States Senate? Throwing eggs at a bus full of private citizens assembling in the Senator’s hometown to exercise their 1st Amendment rights.


Let’s re-aquaint ourselves with the Searchlight Four:

This is “The Eggman”


Jesse Walker threw an egg at the Tea Party bus. He is a member of IBEW Local 357 and he was also instructing Andrew Breitbart on the finer, nuanced points of racial politics in America today:

“The demographics of this country is changing, your way of thinking is dead.”

This is “Eddie”

eddie 2

Edward “Eddie” Gering was in the midst of the egg-throwing and when Breitbart pointed out the atrocious behavior, Eddie smugly taunted him and took pride in the vandalism:

“All right man, glad you approve! Thanks Man!”

Eddie is the Vice President of IBEW Local 357 and hauls in a six-figure salary on the backs of his union brothers and sisters while their Pension Fund is under-funded. Union, yes.

This is “The Thug”

Go to jail today

Identified elsewhere as Jim Nardi, he stood on the side of the highway in Searchlight lecturing on class warfare and social justice, then thrust his finger at Breitbart and threatened him:

“Get him outta here or I’m going to jail today!”

This is “The Weasel”

Lie to police

Identified elsewhere as Brian Dimarzio, the Field Director for the Nevada State Democratic Party. He is seen in many of the videos wrangling people, trying to get them in line or trying to keep them from talking to the cameras. Most importantly, he is seen accusing Breitbart of throwing eggs and saying as much to a law enforcement official:

“They’re throwing eggs and blaming us, it’s ridiculous.”

Last week, Big Government released video footage showing these thugs intimidating, taunting, threatening violence and hurling eggs at Andrew Breitbart and other Tea Party activists in Searchlight Nevada. Their obnoxious behavior, one presumes, was their way of showing support for their man, Harry Reid. The men in question were holding Harry Reid signs, wearing Harry Reid shirts and chanting Harry Reid’s name.

Unlike the Tea Party protestors who spontaneously assembled on the mall in Washington the day of the health care vote, these individuals were organized, identified and affiliated with the State Democratic Party and/or IBEW Local 357. And yet, unlike the calls of condemnation made by the media and politicians to John Boehner and Mitch McConnell for the still-unproven racial slurs allegedly hurled that day in Washington, there have been no such calls for Harry Reid, the Nevada Democratic Party or IBEW Local 357 to condemn or disavow the actions of their supporters and protestors that day in Searchlight.

On Thursday we notified Sam Lieberman and Travis Brock, Chairman and Executive Director of the Nevada Democratic Party. Even after a follow-up today, we have received no response from them regarding the actions of their employee, Brian Dimarzio.

On Friday, the bus driver who had to deal with the hazard and mess of the eggs, filed a police report with Las Vegas Metro (Event Number 100327-1662).

  • The State Party has not made any public comment about the actions of their employee.
  • IBEW Local 357 has not made any public comment about the actions of their members.
  • Senator Harry Reid has not made any public comment about the actions of his supporters.
  • Members of the main stream press have not asked Reid, or the party or union for any comment about the actions of the people in the videos.

In unrelated yet deliciously ironic news, Sen. Harry Reid announced today that he will kick off his re-election campaign with a bus tour of Nevada. Yes, a bus tour.

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