UK Facing Blackouts from Obama Energy, Environment Policies


Today’s Daily Express (London) opens with a stark reminder that there are consequences to the foolishness being crammed down on you now — and which will be voted upon in the Senate, we are told, at the end of this month.

BRITAIN faces years of blackouts and soaring electricity bills because of the drive toward green power, a leading energy expert warned last night.

A growing obsession with global warming and “renewable” sources threatens the stability of our supply.

Derek Birkett, a former Grid Control Engineer who has a lifetime’s experience in electricity supply throughout Britain, warned that the cost of the crisis could match that of the recent banking collapse.

And he claimed that renewable energy expectations were now nothing more than “dangerous illusions” which would hit consumers hard in the pocket.

Yes. In fact, I just detailed this, with an emphasis on this particular UK canary in the coalmine of Obama’s energy, economic and environmental policies, in a book whose title may now come into a clearer focus: Power Grab: How Obama’s Green Policies Will Steal Your Freedom and Bankrupt America.

Coal, nukes, anything that works is shrugged off on the promise of building massive, mind-bogglingly expensive and wildly insufficient offshore windfarms, instead. Of course we will, dear. Worse, here we have an aggressive war to actually close down existing electricity generating capacity in precisely the same vein Obama is fighting in court to impose what the first judge to hear it called an irrational and economically devastating moratorium on offshore drilling. So, Power Grab opens almost as a more fleshed-out warning of the sort found in today’s coverage:

It’s the year 2015. Just around the corner, really. Barack Obama’s various policies imposed in the name of “energy independence,” “clean energy,” and of course “the environment” are now really being felt. The mere threat of their being imposed has long since scared off investment in needed infrastructure, led to planned projects being shelved, and caused some that were underway to be mothballed. Obama’s policies have locked up land and sealed off domestic resources, and enabled his “green” pressure group allies to do even more. Now, some industries can’t even perform maintenance for fear of triggering EPA investigation.

These consequences were foreseeable. After all, investors had Europe’s experience with these policies to warn them. Those who can have gone elsewhere. There were plenty of countries to choose from. China. India. Just over the border in Mexico, for example. Others, like those workers who lost their jobs or were never hired to begin with, weren’t so fortunate.

One Monday you wake up to discover that nothing works. Each time this happens, you’re a little less surprised. Still, it’s never easy. Though once abundant and accessible with the flip of a switch, electricity supply has failed to keep up with demand and is becoming even more scarce. Electricity, natural gas, and gasoline have all been made less available as a direct, intended result of Obama and his allies’ agenda. Energy is unreliable now. You know this means a cold shower: scarce or even no power means that things you took for granted are now luxuries. Those living a little further out who rely on a well and an electronic pump have got no water at all.

This is mostly an inconvenience, like how you now live in a small apartment, just as the anti-energy zealots want you to, though lack of reliable power does cause problems–such as the elevator failing to run. This is somewhat more than inconvenient for your elderly neighbors.

But the problems don’t stop there. Today, you’ll be walking to work, too. After that last episode with the traffic lights out, well, that’s no way to start your week. Besides, after Obama administration officials pursued their vow to bring our gasoline prices in line with Europe’s–even though our society was designed around certain freedoms and automobility–it simply isn’t something you can afford on a daily basis. The sirens in the distance seem to have begun early today.

This reminds you that your sister was scheduled to have surgery tomorrow. Hospitals, like schools, and senior citizen homes, all feel the pain of these policies. More power interruptions mean her surgery will get bumped, and she will have to reschedule–again. Soon, your doctor worries, storing blood and medicines will suffer as it does in Third World countries, whose different form of political corruption has also kept them with insufficient power.

The impacts of unreliable and otherwise insufficient energy are infinite and, to most Americans today, unimaginable. On this fictitious Monday morning without power, your life considered normal today would be a thing of the past, and nothing that could be recaptured easily. Without power, you can’t use the microwave; cooking in any form is more expensive and, of course, it’s a different task making your family’s breakfast in the early morning dark. Just as the ideologues demanded, you’ve been coerced into a life more like that of so many others who suffer living under the ideal of state-imposed scarcity…

Of course, just as there’s little heat in winter, there’s little air conditioning in summer. The power company is now able to withhold some of the energy you think you need, just as the president’s “Energy and Climate Czar” promised was the administration’s goal. (citation omitted) It apparently didn’t occur to us to ask why a power company would want to do that. Power companies withhold power when they are forced to, either by law or physical shortage. When there’s not enough to go around, thanks to that agenda premised in “spreading the wealth around,” this is what happens.


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