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Breitbart: It's Not About Shirley Sherrod; It's About NAACP Attacking Tea Party


Yesterday Andrew Breitbart appeared on Hannity and CNN’s John King USA to discuss NAACP racism and the firing of Shirley Sherrod:


[youtube u-zLJgf6hh8 nolink]

Breitbart’s argument is simple and straightforward: Regardless of what else is in Sherrod’s speech, the first video released on features Sherrod telling a tale of racism that is received by the NAACP audience with laughter and cheers. They weren’t cheering redemption; they were cheering discrimination. Upon hearing the cheers, Sherrod fails to offer any immediate clarification and even smiles right along with them.

Breitbart’s main objective by releasing the video was to call out the NAACP, an organization who has recently gone to great lengths to condemn the Tea Party’s alleged racism, for sanctioning racism in it’s own organization. Sherrod immediately became the scapegoat for the embarrassed NAACP and USDA, but she was never the target, the NAACP itself was, and the delight the audience took in the racist part of Sherrod’s speech leaves them exposed.

Sherrod’s firing is on the NAACP, who had the entire tape and apparently never bothered to scrutinize it until Sherrod had already been relieved of her duties. If it’s on anyone else, it’s the Obama administration, but Breitbart never even called for Sherrod to be fired.

Exemplified with today’s revelations into the JournoList and reinforced with the quote Breitbart read on Hannity, it’s been confirmed that the left conspires to label the right “racist” in order to distract from reasonable objections to Democratic candidates and ideas. In the 2008 election, it was Obama’s association with Reverend Wright. Today, it’s staggering unemployment figures. Breitbart has identified that tactic, and like he did with the ACORN video exposé, he’s used the left’s playbook against them.

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