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Announcing the Largest Tele-Townhall: Mobilize Against Dem to Pass Government Worker Bailout


Speaker Pelosi is calling the 435 House members to DC next week for the purpose of spending another $26 billion we don’t have. We were on a six week hiatus, and members had scattered to the four corners of the Earth.


Speaker Pelosi and President Obama have already spent $3.6 trillion on “stimulus,” so for them, $26 billion doesn’t rise to the level of a day at the beach, so why bring us all back to DC?

Could it be because their most loyal constituency and political foot soldiers, many of whom could be facing the never before seen horror of a government employee let go due to lack of state and local tax receipts, need to be reminded whose hand quite literally feeds them?

Spending is the least popular item on the public’s mind right now, but it looks to me like this $26 billion has more to do with fully funding the union political action coffers and making sure the left’s political “volunteers” get the message to get out the Democrat vote.

I’ve invited my colleagues in the House to join on what I think will be the largest tele-townhall Congress has ever held, this Monday evening at 7pm in Washington, DC, at the exact moment Speaker Pelosi is opening her session.

We will call 1,000,000 households, tell them what the Speaker is doing, and ask the peoples’ opinion on the “Cash for Democrat re-election Program”.

I am also inviting anyone to join us on the call by opting in at my website, People can weigh in with their opinions in a live interaction with members of Congress.

With your help, we will get the word out on the gutsiest move of desperation yet seen on the part of the Speaker.

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