Claim: Boxer Violates CA Campaign Law by Soliciting Teachers to Recruit Student Volunteers

A couple days ago we acquired a direct mailer allegedly from the Barbara Boxer campaign which encouraged Los Angeles teachers to offer their students extra credit if they volunteer for her campaign. We have been unable to conclusively verify the letter’s authenticity, so until this point we had not posted it. Apparently the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer’s Association has, because they’ve released a statement to the Los Angeles Unified School District and the Los Angeles County Board of Education imploring them to inform their teachers that any who recruit volunteers for the Boxer campaign would be illegally using taxpayers’ funds. Letter first, HJTA statement after the jump:


It’s far from unheard of that a teacher offers his or her students extra credit for visiting a campaign headquarters, but this letter, supposedly from the Boxer campaign, is not encouraging the teachers to give a hands on civics lesson. This passage is the giveaway: “As you may know, Senator Boxer is facing her toughest race yet. With only 19 days left until election day, it’s now or never.” No, this letter isn’t suggesting a unique educational opportunity for our youngest Americans, it’s a plea to help the Boxer campaign.

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