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The Rise of the Citizen


Since when did it become OK to run right over the majority views of the American people?

Since never.


When Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid decided it was more important to cut deals with interest groups and each other to pass the Health Care Act than actually follow the will of the people, they betrayed their oaths of office— and they betrayed us.

At every turn Americans were misled in the politician’s zeal to deliver a brand new social program to make citizens dependent on government–and entirely political–decisions about health care. Well, here’s a little news flash for Washington power brokers, pundits and political schemers–in politics we have the last word and we will on ObamaCare.

They said that health care costs would be controlled–they weren’t. They said that taxes and private insurance premiums won’t go up–they are. They said that healthcare won’t be rationed–it will. They said that this will help, not hurt, the national economy and the national debt–it won’t.

Instead, cost savings will be achieved by savaging Medicare with cuts that will make it all but impossible for doctors to treat the elderly. Instead, we will see the national debt go even higher at a moment when we are already borrowing trillions of dollars against our children’s future wages. Instead, our economy will suffer another body blow at the hands of the same people who thought it just fine to take taxpayer money out of our pockets and our children’s pockets to allow huge conglomerates to stay in business–and transfer billions of dollars in bonuses to the very people who caused our housing markets to collapse.

This healthcare act is a disaster inflicted on us with little concern for anything but politics. Most in Congress just can’t grasp what it is like to struggle to put food on the table, to work your heart out to make payroll or to risk everything to create a new business. For many in Washington, it is all about spending our money so they can win election after election, fly first class and have a large expensive staff to treat them like the aristocrats they think they really are. That’s coming to an end and it will begin with outright repeal of the Health Care Act.

We threw off the power of aristocrats a long time ago and we’ll do it again. The days of telling us one thing and doing another are coming to an end. The days of spending our money out of the national treasury to advance not the public good but the politician’s and lobbyist’s best interests are numbered. We are at the very edge of a national precipice. Now we must do much more than “send a message”, we must actually take back control of public policy and the broken system of representation that threatens the very core of our great experiment in democracy. It is our country Washinbgton–not a country of, by and for politicians.

The very first step for this new Congress must be outright repeal of ObamaCare. It is an obvious example of Washington insider’s dishonesty, poor judgment and arrogance. It is a stain on honest representation and it must be removed, lock, stock and barrel. They have wasted enough of our wages and now have set sight on our children’s future earnings. This must be stopped in its tracks before more damage is done.

The line in the sand is drawn. We, the people, will leave no option to the new Congress–whether Democrat or Republican. This lie to the American people must be erased and the power of Washington insiders to take our money and limit our freedom set back on its heels. This is the time of the American citizen saving what is left of our nation and restoring our voice and clout in public policy and politics. We’ve done it before and we will do it again, now, before it is too late.

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