She Still Loves Obama. Loves. Loves. LOVES.

In her recent essay at Slate, (Elizabeth) Curtis Sittenfield asks, “Am I the last person in America who still adores President Obama”? She’ll be happy to know that, no, she isn’t. There are plenty of other people who remain, “unfailingly struck by his intelligence and charisma, by his easygoing humor, and by the magnificence of his megawatt smile”.


Ms. Sittenfield apparently bottled whatever Obama’s campaign managers put in the water, and she has been sipping it for the past two years, because her essay reads like a 7th grader’s love note to the handsome school principal. And like most 7th graders, she is uneducated about politics and economics.

Sittenfield illustrates all that is wrong with the least astute of Americans.

They place their faith in politicians, whose first priority is their own survival, not the desires of their constituents.

They place emotion above practicality.

They ignore the most basic economic concepts.

These are the Sittenfield Americans, folks who can’t — or won’t — see beyond Obama’s gleaming surface, where they would find that almost every policy decision made by this Administration….uh….fell short of what was promised.

So, mesmerized as Sittenfield is — struck dumb, so to speak — I thought I’d point out exactly why so many people seem so disenchanted.

“I’m surprised that so many people have turned against the president. Obviously, if you’ve lost your job, life is tough, but did voters really believe the country was going to quickly and dramatically reverse course once he was elected?”

Now perhaps Sittenfield’s life experience is playing against her. Boarding school, Vassar College, Stanford. M.F.A. in creative writing. Maybe Mom and Dad are paying her way. Because life isn’t just “tough” if you’ve lost your job. When you can’t pay for the roof over your head, life is a nightmare. Not having a job does a number on one’s confidence, psychology, and sense of identity. It stresses a marriage. It creates an overwhelming feeling of fear. Maybe these tiny little things might just create a whole lot of resentment towards a President that ignored the jobs situation, and instead spent over a year trying to pass a health care plan that 1) didn’t accomplish what the far Left wanted, 2) 58% of Americans want repealed, 3) is already creating uncertainty and havoc in the medical community, 4) is being challenged as unconstitutional by 20 states.

But to answer her question, voters didn’t expect an instant fix — nor they didn’t expect that every policy decision made by this Administration would …uh….fall short of what was promised.

“I (apparently alone among sentient voters) don’t think he’s made any major missteps: As far as I can tell, the economic stimulus package might not have been perfect, but it prevented something bad from being even worse”.

The definition of “sentient” among creative writers is, apparently, recognizing that the stimulus package was a positive thing in even the most fantastic of realities. And I suppose sentient voters read the stimulus bill. You know, like the Congressional reps who…uh…didn’t read the bill.

I read the bill. Not only was it really boring, but there was no actual stimulus.

It made bad a lot worse.

A stimulus creates jobs.

It doesn’t do stupid things like require states to match federal funds for an infrastructure project — further driving states into debt.

A stimulus, for example, might lift all bans on oil drilling, and the construction of additional refineries, which would decrease gasoline prices and reduce dependence on foreign oil. Oops! Can’t do that! The Environmental lobby wouldn’t allow it. Oh, but I thought Obama wouldn’t be beholden to special interests?

Maybe that’s another reason why voters don’t just love Obama. They don’t like being lied to.

And make no mistake, they pay attention.

You might wonder why the stimulus didn’t provide a free solar energy system to as many Americans as possible? Imagine all those “green jobs” that would’ve been created in training workers to install those units, not to mention the boost to private solar businesses? The reason is that that would mean Democrats who voted for the stimulus wouldn’t get all the pork they wanted. Or rather, turkey.

“And, hell, I have no idea what Obama could have done differently with the oil spill”

Really? No idea at all? You know, for a creative writer, she really lacks imagination.

I had a few ideas. So did a lot of others. Maybe that’s another reason some people just aren’t as hot and bothered about Obama as Sittenfield is.

The remaining reasons why people don’t just love Obama anymore can be complicated when examined in depth. So I’ll make it easy.

See Barack Bow.  See Foreign Leaders Perceive Him As Weak.

See Barack Bow. See Foreign Leaders Perceive Him As Weak.

Heck, Bow To Dictator, Barack!

Heck, Bow To Dictator, Barack!

See Ronald.  See Ronald Command Respect.

See Ronald. See Ronald Command Respect.

See Obama golf...

See Barack golf...

,,,While Americans Line Up For Jobs

...While Americans Line Up For Jobs

See Voter Intimidation

See Voter Intimidation...

See A.G. Drop The Case

...See A.G. Drop The Case

Imagine A Mosque Here Instead...

Imagine A Mosque Here Instead...

See Deficit Soar...

See Deficit Soar...

...As The Stimulus

So Ms. Sittenfield is welcome to Love Love LOVE Obama.

She is welcome to dream up her novels while shutting off that imagination in favor of ideology.

She is welcome to remain enamored of that smile, that wit, that je ne sais quoi.

However, if she wants to Love Love LOVE Obama beyond 2012, then she needs to step outside of her herself and look around.

Look at the images. Those are the images the rest of America sees. Those are the images that drove them to bounce Democrats in record numbers.

Those are the images that speak the results of the Obama Presidency.


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