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Worst Holiday Gift: Pelosi or Fruitcake?


By sticking with Nancy Pelosi as their leader once again, one has to wonder if House Democrats are denying reality. Whether it’s 9.6 percent unemployment, record debt, the government takeover of health care, or cap and tax, the Pelosi agenda was sent packing in 2010 to the tune of over 60 House seats.

The decision to reanoint Nancy Pelosi is the equivalent of giving the American people a fruitcake for the holidays. And let’s face it – nobody really wants a fruitcake! Sadly, the similarities between the embarrassingly unpopular duo don’t stop there.

According to recent polling data, “Leader” Pelosi’s approval rating just before the Republican electoral tsunami was at 29 percent. That is painfully low and represents a total rejection of the failed policies she championed over the course of her infamous Speakership. But, to look on the bright side of things, Pelosi is still more popular than fruitcake, which received the approval of 28 percent of the people. Maybe over the course of the next two years the fruitcake will rebuild its image and overtake the embattled soon-to-be former Speaker in the polls.

At Citizens United, we are rolling out a little early holiday fun. This week we launched and a parody web ad campaign that highlights the obvious: nobody wants a fruitcake. Please share with your family, friends, and co-workers. Season’s Greetings!

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