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Congressional Grinches Stole Your Health Care, Now Want to Raise Your Taxes


This time last year, the Democrats ruined the holiday season for so many and finished off Christmas by voting on Christmas Eve to pass the House version of health care “reform.” This year it’s our taxes. I can’t imagine what it’ll be next year.

So many Americans, including small business owners, have to endure the stress of not knowing what this Congress will do when it comes to their paychecks beginning in 2011. Will employers have to layoff the single mom or the family man–both working to put food on the table. It’s enough already. And frankly, it’s not Congress’s money. I’ve been holding back for some time writing a post about this, but really, who do the Democrats think they are? I’m serious. They tinker with people’s lives and paychecks like political pawns in a chess game, ruling over the people, against the consent of the governed. They know nothing of what they speak. Do members of Congress–both Democrat and Republican–even know how much a loaf of bread costs? Or a pound of butter? How about milk, sugar, or flour? A box of mac and cheese? I do, and so most non-DC types.

Additionally, speaking for the business owner, does anyone in DC know what it’s like to meet payroll, have automatic deductions for 941 payroll taxes rip through their bank account–regardless if the money is there or not? Do they know how to pay unemployment/health/worker’s compensation insurance, state/federal business fees, and utilitity bills? Real people, real lives, real families, real money–no deficit spending for us.

America has never been so divided due to the toxic rhetoric from the left–pitting the haves and have nots against each other, when the reality is, when a tragedy strikes, Americans always come together. That is who we are. Not what politicians are making us.

The Democrats call the GOP hostage takers, but the Democrats are the grinches–ruining two holiday seasons. They are the ones who have no problem taking bribes for their votes for a government takeover of health care, but cannot swallow legislation to keep tax rates at the same rates they are now for all Americans. Why should someone who makes more money be penalized more? What’s fair about that? And for the record, the “rich” already do pay the majority of all taxes taken in by the government. Finally, if someone feels the need to send the treasury more money than they actually owe, then by all means go ahead. Here is the address to send the financial gift. And leave the rest of us alone.

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