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Obama's State of the Union: A Collectivist Lauds Individualism


The one good thing about sitting through the painful lies and propaganda of Obama’s State Of The Union address was seeing the new Speaker of the House, John Boehner, in Nancy Pelosi’s seat. Seriously, you know it was killing her. I am sure they had to pry the gavel from her stone cold hands.

As for Obama’s speech, don’t make me laugh. That was not a State Of The Union Address as much as it was a campaign speech. Obama will do what he needs to do to get elected and that’s it. Period. Listening to this collectivist laud individualism was insulting. He was stealing my material, which is more than OK, but in deed, my good man. In deed. Do it.

His solution for the incomprehensible 14-trillion-dollar debt is more debt. More stimulus. More enslavement of free men. And, of course, the political fraud of more environ-mentalism, aka “clean” energy. It is insanity to create massive unemployment, destroy whole industries, make rich annihilationist jihad nations and bankrupt America in pursuit of a hoax. All these nature lovers should move out of technologically advanced nations and start their own society in nature. There are plenty of unpolluted places; let these self-made savages move there.

Foreign policy is a disaster. Look around; the world is descending into chaos. Ambassador John Bolton tweeted, “With no foreign policy victory of his own & many failures, bizarre that Obama would take credit for restoring America’s leadership in world.”

Bizarre and worse than bizarre.

In his State Of The Union Address, Obama had to include his obligatory Muslim remark, speaking about “the conviction that American Muslims are a part of our American family.” Meanwhile, close to one billion U.S. taxpayer dollars have gone to Hamas. A Hamas imam recently prayed: “Oh Allah, loosen your power and strength on the Jews….Please Allah, kill them all…And don’t leave any of them alive.” The annihilation of the Jews is the mandate of the Hamas charter — first paragraph. Obama, where are you on this? Your tongue doesn’t stop flapping, and yet you say nothing on this.

Meanwhile, the jihad terrorist group Hizballah is taking control in Lebanon. Elliot Abrams wrote: “The influence of the United States in the Middle East is declining while that of Iran is rising. That’s the meaning of events in Lebanon, where Hizballah has in essence thrown Prime Minister Saad Hariri from office and is about to choose his successor.”

Obama even had the audacity to take credit for independence vote in southern Sudan: “In south Sudan — with our assistance — the people were finally able to vote for independence after years of war.” He is always quick to blame Bush, but he didn’t bother to give his predecessor the credit he richly deserved for laying the groundwork for this historic vote. Bush made that happen.

It seems like another era under Bush, when freedom was on the march in Lebanon. Who can forget the Cedars revolution, a thrilling historical moment for freedom lovers in the Middle East and across the world? Here was the very visible result of the power of the force for good in the world. But now, Obama is extinguishing our hegemony with frightening speed.

The left hated Bush and his quest to spread political freedom. What exactly is it that they love?

Domestically the situation is no better. This week it also emerged that the moochers, looters, parasites and vultures of Obama’s group ACORN are back with a new mask. Yes, the bloodsuckers have returned — and have quickly gone back to stealing, looting, robbing the children, the schools, the working man, and the poor, all to line the fat pockets of fat cat statists.

Predictably, the leecher teachers unions are paying off these thugs big time — giving ACORN, under its new name, New York Communities for Change, more than $200,000 last year. That’s a big chunk of the advocacy group’s budget. NYCC’s views on education mirror those of the United Federation of Teacher’s.

Remember: last year the UFT opposed New York City’s attempt to shut down 20 schools that were failing, in order to bring in new principals and teachers and teachers in new schools. Vampires. I was waiting for Obama to call for more funding of Pigfraud.

And of course, ACORN – that is, New York Communities for Change — is against a Wal-Mart in New York City, despite the overwhelming poll numbers: over 87% of New Yorkers want a Wal-Mart. Hey, screw the poor, it’s what the left does best. Keep the slaves down and under their thumb.

In the age of Obama, the common man, the individual, has no shot at a free life. America, where are you?

Obama is so reckless and dishonest, I am not going to waste my time proving a negative. The Obama adminstration is completely devoid of conviction, resolve and hope. Oh, the irony. The Republicans better get their act together for 2012; otherwise, The Obama Show could run for another four years.

In that event, the free world may not recover. Not in our lifetimes.

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