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Texas Conservatives Provide Model for Combating School District Corruption and Waste


As School districts across the nation face what administrators are claiming is a lack of funding, Texas Conservatives counter such claims in their own state by citing examples of irresponsible appropriations and misuse of funds on top of gargantuan administrator salaries.

As scores of teachers are either being laid off or forced to dig deeper into their own pockets for classroom supplies, some Texas school administrators and left of center political interests have been quick to direct blame at Texas Governor Rick Perry for his defending of the state’s educational sovereignty. By refusing federal dollars, Governor Perry also rebuffed the attached efforts of the Obama administration to further regulate the education and curriculum of Texas students.

In an indicting editorial posted today on Texas-based, a young Army National Guardsman named David Bellow took his local school board administration to task for the blatant mishandling of tax-payer funds. Bellow went further to shine light on another Texas school district’s blatant wasting of monies. He pointed out that Texas’ Beaumont ISD serves a city of approximately 100,000 individuals, yet the superintendent receives an annual $360,000 salary. He also pointed out that this gargantuan salary is amongst the highest of any public-sector official in the state and well over two times what the Texas Governor earns overseeing the entire state.

When trying to understand how such disrespect for tax-payers and their dollars could exist, it’s important to note that both of the school districts referenced by Bellow reside in long-time, good ol’ boy, Democrat-controlled counties where liberal fiscal irresponsibility abound and are the norm. Though many in the referenced counties vote conservative in national elections, they have historically voted for Democrats in local races. This has allowed a network of cronies and what would now be called “Chicago-style” politics to thrive without accountability. And much like their national party, local Democrats spend irresponsibly and make every effort to frame the problem as not having had enough tax-payer money in the first place. This dynamic is not unique to Texas and the feasible solution is not unique to the state either.

Just as Andrew Breitbart has begun to address specific individuals and organized efforts that are corrupt and fiscally irresponsible on a national level, rather than address the beast head on, David Bellow has provided a similar model in his approach to addressing irresponsible spending and public-money handling on a local level. Bellow identified specific instances and the individual Liberal spenders/wasters in the positions to be held responsible, he wisely reached out to enlist the aid of conservative new media, and in so doing he made his success a model for others to follow.

This author sees the example provided by Bellow as a shot over the bow of a liberal ship of spending and wastefulness–one signaling that the days of liberal spenders not being held accountable and brought down for their malfeasance are over. Hopefully, other citizens, both in Texas and in other states, will begin to go out and investigate the public corruption and fiscal irresponsibility in their local areas. By simply reaching out and presenting facts to participants in conservative New Media, as David Bellow did to, a citizen’s findings can be made known to the public at large.

This author gladly signs on to this effort to participate in ensuring that fellow Americans can all live under the circumstances they deserve–knowing that the tax-payer funded institutions they pay for are being fiscally responsible with tax-dollars. Certainly, more examples will be routed out of the dark corners of secrecy they thrive in. Hopefully, efforts such as these will help to quell the ever increasing Liberal call for more tax-dollars and put a halt to our conservative leaders being blamed so that big spenders can hide their waste.

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