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Incoherent Lunatics Scream at Sarah Palin in Wisconsin


I’ve been following the institutional left for years. While I’m often disgusted, yet always entertained, by most of the radical left’s behavior on camera, I’m never surprised by much. Until this.

I have to say, when I first got wind of this video yesterday, I laughed. A LOT. I thought it was a joke.

[youtube w_RkyMZ9D9A]

The RoaringLiberal and the Gaa Gaa Guy in the video made their bizarre appearance at a Tea Party rally in Madison, Wisconsin on Saturday, where Andrew Breitbart and Sarah Palin were featured speakers. A number of counter-protesters showed up at the rally to heckle and scream at the speakers from the periphery of the crowd. Some adorned t-shirts, others held Kochsucker signs, rang bells and blew whistles; in an effort to drown out Palin’s speech, most booed repeatedly and chanted “Go Home”. (By now, you may have already seen Andrew Breitbart’s response to those counter-protesters).

These two protesters, however…they stood out. I think you can see why.

Those who transcribed the video’s audio track tell me that they had so much difficulty interpreting the message, they weren’t even sure how to spell some of the words that came out of these individuals’ mouths. In fact, BreitbartTV editor Larry O’Connor wasn’t sure either – so he invited viewers to help out with the interpretation.

We still don’t know if it was a joke. Or not…

We did some additional digging last night, and with the help of a Twitter friend, we found out that these two gentlemen may have also spoken at a March 23rd Wisconsin Senate Committee on Education hearing to discuss several bills relating to teacher residency requirements and charter schools, among other topics. Many residents showed up at the public hearing to express their opinions on the proposed legislative efforts. Whether either or both of these individuals are one in the same with those from Saturday’s event, I think you’ll find that what each of them has to say is…well…interesting.

WisconsinEye has video footage of the March 23rd hearing in its entirety. While we’d love to show you the relevant clips here on our site, unfortunately, user agreement terms at WiscEye prohibit us from doing so. You’ll have to visit the site directly and view the video there – we recommend you start at about 46:12 and again at about 10:03.


Hat tip to Rebel Pundit.

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