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High Gas Prices Catching Up to Obama?


Boy Obama’s deep thinking on energy can get confusing, with yet another ‘green electricity’ plant, in Reno, for some reason serving as today’s backdrop for him to defend high gas prices. And, presumably, his continued wasting of your money on unsustainable, phony, if politically selected enterprises existing not for any reasons of their own merits but to satisfy politicians’ edicts.

This from a guy who previously talked about how now’s not the time to go to Vegas. The better analogy for what he’s doing with your money is going to a ring toss game. Run by Carnies.

But since someone obviously told him he didn’t do himself any favors by mocking that father of ten and telling him to go get the 2011 Unicorn hybrid van, prompting a softer effort to address the issue earlier in the week at Facebook, let’s follow his progression. First, the effort at rehabilitation following the recent sneering performance:

“Energy — we haven’t talked a lot about energy today, but first of all, $4-a-gallon gas really hurts a lot of people around this country. It’s not because they’re wasteful, but if you’re driving 50 miles to work and that’s the only job you can find, and you can’t afford some hybrid so you’re stuck with the old beater that you’re driving around that gets eight miles a gallon, these gas prices are killing you right now.”

Lest we forget core beliefs amid the current rhetorical fog denying the president has anything to do with high gas prices, here’s Obama in 2008, on where things should be probably about ‘right now’.

So, gas prices should go up, but just gradually (people tend to notice when not too gradual, and call for crazy things like stopping your war on domestic production and domestic consumption).

But, does ‘gradual’ alter that “$4-a-gallon gas really hurts a lot of people”, climbing during a recession (or else, for the optimist, the weakest recovery on record)? Pish posh! There’s a fundamental transformation to take place!

Also so we do not forget, here is the man Obama interviewed, recruited and hired as Energy Secretary, and had in high level planning meetings so we assume he was just saying what they’re all thinking, on where things should be probably about ‘right now’:

“Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.”

But, yeah. I know. Obama’s policies have nothing to do with high gas prices, even if Bush’s somehow were to blame for $3.00 gas. It’s all about the long-term.

So along those lines and if it makes you feel any better, consider the next paragraph’s battle between incoherence and disconnect from the substance, following his “these gas prices are killing you right now” (emphasis added):

“And so this is the reason why I’ve said that it is so important for us to invest in new approaches to energy. We’ve got to have a long-term plan. It means investing in things like solar and wind, investing in biofuels, investing in clean car technology. It means converting the federal fleet 100 percent [sic] to fuel-efficient vehicles, because we’re a huge market maker. Obviously it turns out that I’ve got a lot of cars as President. (Laughter.)”

Of course, we know that his cars as president, and the ones having anything to do with him, actually aren’t at issue here.

So go back to clinging to your guns, God…and family.

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