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Chris Christie to Announce He's Not Running for President


What else can one say about this?

Governor Christie to Talk Global Climate Change with Scientists

Governor tells NJ Environmental Federation his original doubts were due to not having a “fully formed opinion.”

The Republican governor, who caused a stir when he told a town hall meeting he was unsure about the science of global warming, plans to sit down this week with a couple of climate change scientists recommended by the New Jersey Environmental Federation.

As I have noted, translated, the latter means a Castro toady and some of his pals.

Wait, lemme guess: his doubts arising from an unfully formed opinion have evaporated under further scrutiny, making this the first time further scrutiny led to siding with the global warming movement?

Er, maybe. There’s another option, and that’s that he’s seen the New Hampshire Senate fold like a cardboard suitcase on withdrawing from the RGGI regional cap-n-trade energy tax and has decided to throw in with the go-along-to-get along crowd. In his defense, and not much of one, one could say as Andrew Dice Clay once did about a famous painting I won’t mention here as it would make the gag’s crudeness too obvious: he needed the money.

Yes, yes, I know, running for president brings out the Pander Bear in all of them. But Christie’s entire shtick is that he’s the guy speaking truth to all of these entrenched powers, industries, political sacred cows et al.

So, particularly before we know what his ‘fully formed opinion’ is, I cannot interpret what is behind this. But if it is as seems most likely, we know it this is not a move to position himself for higher office. Yes, it would gain him some McCain-style (that is, conditional and temporary) media love — in the form of proclaiming proof that global warming is real and most Americans are extremists and wrong! — soon to turn to ever-more demanding fury.

But he won his office, in NJ, admitting his doubts. He sees how past pandering indiscretions like Pawlenty’s, Huckabee’s, Huntsman’s and others’ are viewed by the majority. The agenda failed in Congress and greatly contributed to a change in management. ClimateGate remains a fatal wound to be proved as much by the next penny when it drops.

It would just be so boneheaded. It would show no ability to approach something free of politics and simply exercise judgment. It would reveal crass political calculation if economic illiteracy. It would be on the side that demands a ‘wrenching transformation of society‘ that they also admit will be climatically meaningless, thereby admitting it isn’t about the climate.

So that just can’t be it. But we shall see.

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