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Issa: Obama Drafts Executive Order to Bypass Congress, Exempts Unions


Recently immediately after Congressman Darrell Issa finished giving a speech from the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives, I caught up with him for his most recent comments on the investigation into the ATF gunwalking scandal known as Projects “Fast and Furious” and “Gun Runner.”

The California Congressman, as many of you know, is Chairman of the powerful House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, which is investigating the DOJ’s role in the selling of assault weapons to known drug cartel members. Below is an excerpt from the interview.

You Tube: Issa with the latest from his investigation into the ATF gunmwalking scandal.

“The good news is the dedicated men and women of the ATF and DOJ are breaking ranks and coming in as whistleblowers. We’ve had numerous voluoluntary interviews that have given us an understanding of what went wrong and an understanding that a decision was made far above their level…”

“Two Border Patrol Agents are dead…this (1,800 weapons sold to drug traffickers) has resulted in an accumulation of hurt and killing that will go on for years…”

“…One of our objectives in the investigation is we have to put confidence back in the system on both sides of the border that U.S. law enforcement does not allow weapons to walk…President Calderone of Mexico is the most cooperative partner on the war on drugs that we have had in years and the Mexican government has called this ‘an active war’.”

“This is not unprecedented (the refusal of a government agency to honor a Congressional subpoena). This looks an awful lot like Iran Contra. When a government agency makes a mistake they stall, delay and cover up. That’s what’s happening here….We’re not done but what we do know is that the decision for this was not made in Tucson or El Paso or anywhere else. It was made in Washington.”

You Tube: Obama drafting Executive Order to bypass Congress.

In another developing story Issa went on to say that President Obama is drafting an Executive Order that will allow him to bypass Congress when legislation favored by the Administration fails to pass.

Chillingly, he points out that the Executive Order draft proposes to require federal contractors to disclose donations to third-party political groups — an attempt to politicize the procurement process — while exempting unions from doing so as well.


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