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Tea Party Doctor Issues Obamacare Debate Challenge


If you were stuck reading just the mainstream media, you would probably have no idea that there is a growing movement among doctors to oppose President Barack Obama’s health care plan. Dr. Adam Dorin, who practices medicine in southern California, has helped co-found an offshoot of the Tea Party known as The Doctors National TEA Party.

The group is helping make the case to patients across the country about why Obamacare might be bad for their health. Rather than spin, these doctors are offering facts born from their decades of practicing medicine on America’s frontlines. They know the consequences for the quality of care when the government gets involved and the folly of many of the reckless assumptions the Obama plan makes.

Dr. Dorin recently appeared on my show and has been kind enough to share some of his personal insights. As the townhalls of two summers ago showed us, the best way to fight Obamacare is at the grassroots level with cold-hard facts.

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Here is what Dr. Dorin and his colleagues wanted to share with us.

An Open Letter Debate Challenge On Obamacare

It is my duty as an American to question any orders or directives from a superior ‘officer’, even the President of the United States, if those orders conflict with my responsibility to uphold the principles and Constitution of the United States, and if they impede my work to preserve the sanctity, safety, and security of its citizens. Further, I am concerned that there has not been an honest, open and transparent discussion on the true merits of ObamaCare, which the public fully understands.

To this end, I hereby challenge any top leading expert in America who is a supporter of the President’s vision for our national medical system to a fair and open public debate.

As a board-certified specialist in anesthesiology, medical director, military officer, small business owner, and family man, I am troubled by several themes laced within the thousands of pages of the President’s health care reform law. I’ll leave it to the majority of states who have sued the administration to sort out the proper interpretations of the 5th and 10th Constitutional Amendments. What concern me most are the five gravely flawed underpinnings:

1. The attempt to ‘socialize’ and ‘equalize’ health care “providers” so that the lines of distinction between physicians, nurses, and ancillary personnel are blurred. Why? Are the hundreds of years of tradition and time-honored values embodied in the M.D. (medical degree) of no significance? Does the President not see consequences of his actions to elevate non-physicians to practice beyond the safe boundaries of their scope of training?

2. The deliberate attempt protect the one segment of society, trial lawyers, who contribute nothing to the care of patients, at the cost of the entire medical delivery system. Physicians, nurses, hospitals, equipment manufacturers, insurance companies, and patients are all asked to make shared sacrifices to save money and increase access to health care services; in contrast, attorneys are protected at all costs. The ‘trial malpractice reform test centers’ are a joke. The President takes tort reform seriously. Why not this?

3. After a year of painstaking discussions and disagreements among lawmakers, the President endorsed over two thousand pages of legal-ese to make a point of his resolve. Yet after much political chest thumping, Pelosi and Reid, allowed over one thousand waivers to the very law he created. Why the waste and duplicity?

4. Great lengths were taken to protect the unions. Why bail out the unions, but leave the patients and doctors to fend for themselves?

5. A minority census of doctors-in fresh white coats provided for them at the door-assembled in a White House lawn ceremony purporting to show the solidarity between America’s physicians and the PPACA legislation. What the President forgot to say to the cameras that day, or since, is that these doctors were only members of the American Medical Association (AMA), an increasingly abandoned and disregarded group with a membership of practicing physicians today of only ten percent.

Furthermore, the AMA receives about one hundred million dollars in exclusive copyright royalties each year from the federal government, a fact not disclosed to the American people.

The President’s misrepresentation of health care statistics to falsely denigrate our current medical system is but another important topic for discussion-one that we can have openly before the American public. That is should anyone accept my challenge to a debate.

Adam F. Dorin, M.D., MBA is the co-founder of The Doctors National TEA Party and the founder of America’s Medical Society. He lives and practices medicine in Southern California.

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