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Well David, "If blaming the Tea Party actually helps you sleep at night, then dream on dude!"


Former White Advisor turned Presidential Campaign Strategist David Axelrod appeared on CBS’s Face the Nation this past Sunday and actually tried to blame the Tea Party for the historical downgrade in America’s credit rating by Standard and and Poor’s.

Axelrod tries to blame the Tea Party

Well as a Tea Party Member, I say to that, “If blaming the Tea Party actually helps you sleep at night David, then dream on dude,” but the fact of the matter it was your boss President Obama, who choose to have no plans or new ideas when it came to dealing with the nation’s souring debt and remember it was this President along with his formerly Democratic controlled Congress that wasted nearly 5 trillion dollars in failed Keynesian Economics, not the Tea Party Movement.

The reality of this historical downgrade is that the nation’s creditors saw no real commitments from either the President or the inside the beltway party leaders and elites to rein in out of control government spending coupled with their unholy opposition to entitlement reforms. Even after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid calling for a super bipartisan committee to deal with making the numbers of the last minute deal work, investors remain aware that none of those who opposed this deal will be on that committee at the end of the day. This is because Senators Reid and McConnell are committed to packing this committee with fellow thinkers who will do nothing more than promote governmental accounting gimmicks and sleight of hand that will do nothing more than lead to the need for further tax increase upon the general public to feed the ever expanding beast they have help create in Washington.

The Party Elites such as Axelrod, Senators John Kerry and John McCain have settled on the tactic of trying to blame the Tea Parry for actually having the nerve to being engaged in the inner working of this horrible deal, but in all truthfulness their anger comes from the fact that many of them have been in Washington too long and have lost touch with the reality that it is the people, who empower the government, not the other way around no matter what they may think and we are sick and tired of watching our money and that of our unborn children going to generational vote buying Ponzi schemes. Remember we were told by those such as Congressmen James Clyburn, “that governmental spending would pull the nation out of recession.” We were also told by the party elites that a massive (failed) government stimulus program was an investment in our nation and would keep unemployment under double digits, if coupled with repeated extensions of unemployment benefits was the quickest way to put Americans back to work.

The members of the tea party are keenly aware that Axelrod’s attack on us is nothing more than a vain attempt on his part to throw what amounts to political spaghetti at a wall in the hopes that something will actually stick. We have seen this from the likes of the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, New York Times and MSNBC and at every turn we have been proven right in the last 3 years.

President Obama for his part tried every tactic to deflect blame from his Keynesian Mindset which included using class warfare rhetoric and political myths like only those who make over $200,000 annually will bear the brunt of any future federal tax increases. The President even went as far as to refer to those who gross $200,000 annually as “corporate jet owners,” now as someone who actually worked in aviation, I know of no one who can actually own a corporate jet grossing $200,000 annually and this is another example of how detached from reality those in Washington D.C. happen to be.

Even as I sit here and write this tonight, indicators of early trading point to investor not blaming the Tea Party, but the elites in Washington that have engaged in Keynesian Economics over the decades and they see this latest deal out of Washington D.C. as nothing more than another of the famous Ponzi Schemes that politicians engage in as election time and once the election is over they will go back to the same old Keynesian Economics that got us into this mess in the first place and the Tea Party Movement is not to blame for that, but we know it will be our children that blame us for the nightmare we will inherit, if these elites are not reigned in sooner rather than later.

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