Big Government Leftists Never Allow Facts to Get in the Way of a Good Beating

We have oft-written about the flagrant disingenuousness of very many of the D.C. political class.

What those of us here in the Real World refer to as “lying.”

This serial falsehood-ity is executed in large part to buttress and bolster a Huge Government agenda – which these D.C. Denizens wish to continue implementing, but to which We the People are demonstrably opposed.

How else, for example, to explain the Democrat-led United States Senate defiantly and illegally refusing for more than 800 days to pass a budget?

They would rather shirk a fundamental job responsibility – and break the law doing it – than tell We the People just how much they want to grow the already obscenely obese federal Leviathan.

Which brings us to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Which has – in pursuit of their portion of the Barack Obama Administration Huge Government itinerary – taken serial liberties with the truth.

So as to under false pretenses assassinate the character of the private Internet sector. So as to ultimately assassinate the private Internet sector.

How do we know this? Because Robert McChesney, the Godfather of the Media Marxist “reformers” – whose bidding the FCC is subserviently doing – has said so:

“(T)he ultimate goal is to get rid of the media capitalists in the phone and cable companies and to divest them from control.”

The FCC has – bereft of any evidence – lied to us about mythical “evil” corporations that will block our access to websites so as to “justify” their imposition of the ridiculous and totalitarianism-inducing Network Neutrality.

They’ve lied to us about the broadband Internet market – two times giving the private sector an “F” for having achieved 95% and then 98% access for American consumers.

(T)hey must pretend that what is undoubtedly the most successful portion of the private sector – possibly ever – is failing. To “warrant” their more illegal actions to come.

Their desired ends justify ANY – even these most absurd – means.

They’ve lied to us about Internet sector jobs – to which we’ve been allegedly “denied access.”

(T)hey claim that the scant 2% of Americans not having access to broadband is somehow “denying access” to gigs and fiscal prospects to “approximately 26 million Americans.”

All of this ridiculousness is proffered to foment a false crisis that requires as its solution – why of course, more Huge Government.

Without action by the FCC in partnership with the states and the private sector, prospects for broadband service in many of the areas cited in the Report will remain unacceptably low.

That’s 98% access – that the D.C. Denizens have deemed “unacceptably low.”

Think of all the abysmal government failures that have but a fraction of this private sector success rate, despite trillions in taxpayer coin wasted in the effort. For which the Denizens are now fighting tooth and nail for even more coin – unfettered by any conditions or analysis of their “unacceptably low” performances.

A large part of the FCC’s ongoing “The private Internet sector has failed you” storyline has been their repeated assertion that the “evil” Internet companies are lying to you (projection, anyone?) – that the broadband speeds they advertise are faster than they deliver.

Then came last week.

Last week brought us a scientific, measured report on the broadband speeds being delivered by many of the nation’s largest Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

And what does the report say?

On average, during peak periods DSL-based services delivered download speeds that were 82 percent of advertised speeds, cable-based services delivered 93 percent of advertised speeds, and fiber-to-the-home services delivered 114 percent of advertised speeds.

Not quite the 98% broadband Internet access number that the FCC gave a failing grade – but the Commission knows that this is not an all-the-time exact science.

These results are so good, in fact, that the Commission has basically praised the “evil” Industry for them.

Maybe at least in part because said report was called for and conducted by – the FCC its own self.

Will this FCC acknowledgement of this facet of the free speech, free market Xanadu that is the Internet lead to more such admissions – and thereby less (mostly illegal) regulations? Here’s hoping – but I for one won’t halt respiratory activity in the meantime.

Does the fact that the FCC commissioned the report – and lauded the results – mean the Huge Government Media Marxists won’t assert it is an “evil” corporate conspiracy and summarily dismiss it?

Sadly, no.

“No matter how industry tries to put a positive spin on these results, the report shows conclusively that many Americans are simply not getting what they pay for.”

Because Huge Government Leftists never allow facts to get in the way of a good beating.

If these clowns can here continue to stand in willful defiance of readily obvious facts – facts even their FCC fellow travelers acknowledge – one has to wonder on how much else they are just as willfully, woefully and disingenuously wrong.

And to wonder why anyone still takes them at all seriously.

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