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The White House and Big Labor Use Labor Day to Demean and Advocate Violence


For many Americans, Labor is the unofficial end of summer, but this year’s Labor was a chance for the Obama White House and Big Labor to demean and advocate violence against their political opponents, which happen to be Republicans and the Tea Party Movement.

President Obama traveled to the decaying city of Detroit for an astrotruf Labor Day Rally complete with Big Labor Boss Jimmy Hoffa Jr. and his stuffed labor shirts. In remakes before the President spoke, Hoffa warmed up the crowd with red meat stating personally that, “President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march. Let’s take these son of bitches out and give America back to an America where we belong.” President Obama in his remakes said that, “He was proud of Hoffa and other union leader.”

Hoffa calls for Big Labor to take out their political opponents AKA Son of a Bitches

Not to be out done by big labor the White House even unleashed Vice President Biden on Labor Day and the forever suffering Foot-In-Mouth Diseased Vice President did not disappoint at an astrotruf rally sponsored by AFL-CIO in Ohio. Vice President Biden boasted that, “It was big labor holding back the barbarians at the gate that is why they want you so bad.”

Vice President Biden tries to rally AFL-CIO support throught demeaning tactics

Big Labor has much to be angry about this Labor Day as its 30 million Dollar effort in Wisconsin was turned back by the Tea Party Movement, with public opinion in the State of Ohio favoring the governor’s efforts there to reform collective bargaining. The most recent job creation numbers should give Big Labor pause as President Obama has public stated that it has been Big Labor that has been advising him from the start on issues of job creation and stimulus spending, Americans are fully aware on how that has panned out with, “0” job creation last month and his upcoming speech before Congress, that most even the President’s own handlers have sought to downplay in recent days.

It seem that President Obama is fully aware that he has no record of achievement to run on in his reelection bid and that his allies from the Congressional Black Caucus to Big Labor have to take to demeaning tactics and advocating violence against his political opponents and the Tea Party Movement to offer some type of red meat to give his ever shrinking pool of supporters some reason to come forth and support him in mass in 2012.

We members of the Tea Party Movement know full well how the establishment in the Democrat Party and Media would have reacted if anyone of us had advocated violence against our political opponents, oh that right, the establishment has been trying to manufacture that storyline since the Tea Party began.

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