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Watch the Very First Commercial!


Yesterday, Barack Obama’s official Twitter account announced a new Obama for America website, Billed as a way to “get the facts” and “fight the smears,” Attack Watch is the latest in a long line of attempts by the Obama administration to crowdsource snitching and keep tabs on its critics. Unfortunately for Obama, the site’s overdramatic design (complete with a Nazi color palette) and Big Brother vibe turned the site into an instant laughingstock on Twitter.

I’ve been lucky to be part of an upcoming comedy site run by young conservatives called Misfit Politics. No, our site’s not live yet, but the schadenfreude of last night’s #AttackWatch jokes proved too big a temptation to sit on our hands and wait to make the video you’re about to see. I present to you the very first (fake) commercial for

[youtube -XYKRokgX00 nolink]

This is but a taste of the silliness we have in store for you, the conservative who’s longed for irreverent comedy coming from your own perspective. For updates on the upcoming site, follow @MisfitPolitics on Twitter. We promise we’ll have more good stuff for you soon.

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