New York Fallout: Democrats Poised to Lose Florida

The final results from the special election held in New York’s uber-liberal 9th Congressional District could be both an ominous sign and political tide that may roll over the Democrat Party in Florida in 2012. NY-9 was considered one of the “safest” congressional districts that Democrats neve rthought they would lose. But with greater numbers of traditional Democrats becoming increasingly hostile towards President Obama’s toxic agenda and his mistreatment of Israel, this 40% Jewish district has shifted Republican.

Suffice to say, the Republican Party is positively giddy over the results and smells blood in the waters of other once “safe” congressional districts- especially those in Florida.

The results of New York 9 send a message for all incumbents, but especially Democrats who live in the delusion that their reelection is certain. NY-9 implies that even some of Florida’s most traditionally Democrat districts understand a principled-Republican message of economic prosperity through less government and more freedom.”-Brian Hughes, RPOF Communications Director

All eyes will be on Florida in next year’s Presidential election, one could say that it will be the proverbial Mount Megiddo where political Armageddon will take place in November 2012. Could the once supposedly “safe” Democrat Congressional seats in Florida now be in play? The most high-profile “safe” seat is in Congressional District 20, held by DNC Chair and Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Wasserman-Schultz spun the NY-9 defeat rather incredulously, stating that it was a “tough district” for Democrats to win even though it was Warren Harding who was President when Republicans last held the seat in 1923. But Debbie’s real problem is that NY-9 was a complete rebuke of Obama’s policies, and make no mistake about it- Debbie, as DNC Chairwoman, is married (figuratively) to the President and his policies. The deal breaker for many Jews which set off alarm bells may have been when Obama stated that Israel should return to its indefensible 1967 border lines as a precondition for future peace negotiations with the Palestinians. As President Obama’s hand-picked DNC Chairwoman, Debbie is in a major bind- her inability and refusal to separate herself from the President’s failed and offensive policies could ultimately send her packing from Congress- a situation she might not have been in had she not accepted the appointment of DNC Chairwoman.

Wasserman-Schultz and President Obama are hemorrhaging considerable Jewish support in Florida, and let’s not forget that the ties are strong between New York’s Jewish population and South Florida’s. Republican Karen Harrington is running against Wasserman-Schultz in FL-20, and she’s scored numerous early endorsements along with what could be a respectable quarter-ending campaign fundraising report. Check out the Harrington campaign’s latest “money bomb” pitch at her “” website.

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