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Ron Paul Supporters and the American 'Empire'


First, let me say that I respect Ron Paul a great deal. More often than not, he’s fundamentally right on the pressing issues of today and I believe that the modern political landscape is a better place because of him. Over the current president, I’d vote for him in a heartbeat.

That being said, regarding his online clan of “libertarian” followers… eeesh. Here’s a recent tweet that I received from one of his followers after I so much as barely criticized Dr. Paul’s foreign policy ideas;

“Hey neocon, how the h*** can you justify our costly empire overseas? Only Ron Paul will stop this!!”

Come again, dummy?

Listen, their heart is in the right place but here’s the concept that many of the younger, supposedly anti-establishment, self-professed “libertarians” can’t seem to grasp; by it’s very definition and historical precedent, an empire isn’t a costly endeavor. It’s a profitable one. Be it the Roman, Ottoman or English, all of these tyrannical government’s built their empire in order to expand their territory and reap the bountiful spoils of war.

The reason the United States supposed “empire” expanding abroad is so costly would be because it in fact is no empire at all. The United States boldly walks in through the front door of these countries, provides unprecedented aid and/or overthrows their evil governments in an attempt to rightfully give power back to its citizens, after which we ask for nothing more than the land needed to bury the bodies of those who died to provide them with that privilege.

Now is that a legitimate role of government? Should we really be playing “hero” to the world? Say! Now that’s a meaningful dialogue that deserves a spirited discussion!

In my personal opinion (and it really is nothing more than an opinion), we needn’t be spending money or maintaining a presence anywhere in which it doesn’t benefit our own national security interests.

I think it’s important to remember that “creating an empire” and “nation-building” are two distinctly different and inherently incongruent ideas. If you want to say that the United States is spending too much money abroad, that’s fine. If you want to place the blame of 9/11 squarely on our very own shoulders, before going off on a tirade regarding government chem-trails… go nuts! Just remember that you can’t have it both ways.

We’re either spending too much money elsewhere in the world when we can’t afford it, or we’re an evil empire hell-bent on the destruction of every country not yet under the reign of our iron fist. Please put down the bamboo bong and pick one.

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