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Breaking: Facebook Posting Reports Murder at #OccupySavannah UPDATE – Police: Not Related to Occupy


UPDATE (11/16 8:42 am EST): Savannah police have now clarified this morning to Big Government via telephone that the shooting of Occupy Savannah activist Jonathan Brazell is being investigated as an ordinary robbery, due partly to the fact that it occurred at a significant distance from the protest site itself.


Social media has been the principal vehicle of communication for the #Occupy movement. Through Facebook and Twitter, the loosely-knit band of anarchists, communists and leftist agitators have coordinated their actions and disseminated news to supporters around the world. There has also been a very dark side, but we’ll leave that aside for now. This afternoon, #OccupySavannah, through its Facebook page, announced the murder of an activist at the #Occupy camp:

The posting raises many obvious questions.

Has #OccupySavannah contacted law enforcement? Are there any suspects? Do we know the motive of the killers? Have the #Occupy sites simply devolved into a ‘Lord of the Flies’ situation. And, why is the media covering up the crime wave that has befallen the #Occupy movement?

A posting from the victim last month reveals the tragic naiveté of many of the protesters:

I will temper my thoughts in the wake of this tragedy. But it bears repeating that earnest, well-intentioned, but misguided youth like Mr. Brazell have been cynically exploited by the progressive-industrial machine for political gain. They have been lured into situations that are increasingly dominated by criminals and predators.

Over the past weeks, the lawlessness of the #Occupy camps has been abetted by city officials and a media that views everything through the prism of next year’s elections. They have covered up the increasing chaos of the #Occupy movement. And now, another person has died. Politicians and the media are accomplices in this tragedy.

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