Why Is the Left Protecting the 1%?

Of wireless Internet bandwidth hogs, that is.

We have for months been odiferously awash in word of the Occupy Wall Street (#OWS) “movement.”

Intellectually and ideologically sloven, these gathered gaggles have been commandeering sporadic public spaces (and some private ones) all across the fruited plain.

When asked why they are so doing, you get an inanity cornucopia – think Jay (Leno) Walking or (Jesse) Watters’ World on ignorance steroids.

The only semi-comprehensible – but still factually vacuous – thing to emanate from the whole mess is the 1% – 99% nonsense.

That being the #OWS-ers saying that the upper 1% of Americans control most of the money and power and thusly must be…destroyed? Certainly taxed and regulated into utter oblivion.

In an always-and-forever failed effort to “spread the wealth around” – misery being the only thing that ever ends up equally distributed.

Work, work ethic and talent never enter the #OWS equation – but then again, why should they?

Nearly everyone on the Left has at one time or another expressed solidarity with the #OWS-ers. That includes many amongst the uber-pro-government-Internet-regulation Media Marxists.

Free Press and Public Knowledge are the lead Media Marxist joints. And they have both expressed ideological sympathy for and/or are simpatico with #OWS.

Which brings us to what the doubtable New York Times recently gave us:

Top 1% of Mobile Users Consume Half of World’s Bandwidth, and Gap Is Growing


The gap between extreme users and the rest of the population is widening, according to Arieso. In 2009, the top 3 percent of heavy users generated 40 percent of network traffic. Now, Arieso said, these users pump out 70 percent of the traffic.

But wait – that’s the exact argument the #OWS-ers make against the 1% – and capitalism.

This makes the Media Marxist Leftist life-work of unlawfully shoving the Huge Government, all-encompassing regulatory Internet assault that is Network Neutrality down our throats – more than a little schizophrenic.

Net Neutrality – amongst other terrible things – allows bandwidth hogs like Google, Netflix and Amazon to shift the costs of their gi-normous bandwidth use to the likes of grandmothers who do little more than email their grandchildren.

That’s “fair,” right? That’s #OWS-compliant, right?

Net Neutrality allows The Internet Rich to get richer, while giving everyone else the shaft. Why then are the Media Marxists and the broader Left ram-rodding it – and myriad other policies – through that do nothing but further widen the 1% – 99% gap?

I’m confused.

Could it be that these aren’t “public interest” or “consumer interest” groups – but government interest groups instead?

Yes, it certainly could be.


In Reality, this Leftist policy disconnect happens with cringe-inducing regularity. They push proposals that will have the exact opposite effect of their desired intent – and yet onward they press.

Oft it is unintentional – sometimes it is not. Then soon-to-be President Barack Obama admitted that the inheritance (death) tax costs more to implement than it collects – but that he favored it anyway, in the interest of “fairness.”

Spread the misery around.

In Reality, bigger government and more regulations – which the Left (say they) implement to reduce the gap between rich and poor – actually widen it.

It goes like this:

Say we increase all regulations by a cumulative 50%. The Rich, Big Companies have the money to absorb the abusive costs and keep going. The up-and-comers do not. The Rich, Big Companies hold on – the little ones go under.

So you end up with a few wealthy joints, and everyone else starving – the gap between widens.

Say we raise taxes to 50% of income. The likes of Warren Buffett can afford it – they’re already rich. But it dramatically damages the chances of people like us – the up-and-comers – from becoming rich.

So you end up with a few wealthy individuals, and everyone else starving – the gap between widens.

In short: The bigger the government – the bigger the taxes, the more the regs – the bigger the gap between rich and poor.

The outcome the Left with their policies seek to ameliorate – they instead exacerbate.


We have long had an incessantly growing Leviathan in Washington – meteorically so in the Age of Obama. The government impediments to individual and business advancement have grown ever larger and ever more numerous.

And the wealth divide between the 1% and the rest of us – which the Left decries – has grown right along with it.

The lesson lost on the Media Marxists and all Leftists is:

The solution to government isn’t – more government.