New York City Finally Stands Up to Occupy

New York City Finally Stands Up to Occupy

Has New York City finally decided to stand up to Occupy Wall Street? A recent rapid shutdown of direct actions by the movement, combined with ongoing prosecutions, may indicate that the movement has worn out its welcome with the city–which is bad news as the group tries to reignite the movement for an ‘American Spring.’

We reported just yesterday that the Occupy Wall Street movement seemed to be trying to set up in Union Square. Well, as MSNBC reports, that party is over.
Police confronted Occupy Wall Street protesters in New York’s Union Square just after midnight on Wednesday morning, forcing them to vacate their newly-established camp in the park. Officers, who cited a usually unenforced rule that the park be closed overnight, made one arrest, according to a report in The New York Post.
And earlier this month, Reuters reported ongoing prosecutions against Occupy activists Jeff Rae and Malcolm Harris connected to the Brooklyn Bridge march last October that resulted in over 700 arrests. Reuters said:
Jeff Rae, 31, who was arrested during a mass protest on the Brooklyn Bridge in October, posted the subpoena on his Twitter account Monday.
The subpoena seeks all of Rae’s tweets from Sept. 15 — two days before the Occupy movement began in downtown Manhattan — through Oct. 31, along with account and contact information for Rae.
The subpoena, which Twitter emailed to Rae, is dated March 8.
A faxed cover sheet posted by Rae indicates that the Manhattan District Attorney’s office subpoenaed Twitter for five different user accounts. It was not immediately clear whether the other four are also Occupy defendants, though in January prosecutors filed a subpoena seeking similar information from Malcolm Harris, another arrested protester.
We’ve previously featured Harris for his comments at the Bluestocking panel discussion on Occupy last October that also featured his self-decribed ‘best friend’, writer Natasha Lennard. Ms. Lennard was also arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge and covered the story for The New York Times. After that story broke on, the Times announced it was severing its relationship with Ms. Lennard.

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