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Local FOX Insider: Martin Shot In Back of Head

Local FOX Insider: Martin Shot In Back of Head

According to sources in the Memphis, Tennessee area, local FOX 13 insider Joseph Kyles reported from Sanford, Florida that Martin was shot in the back of the head. As the anchor, Greg Coy, tweeted, “This could change invest[igation].”

Who is Joseph Kyles? Kyles is a local board member of Rainbow Push, Jessie Jackson’s civil rights group. Why is this relevant? Because Jackson has reportedly been announcing at his speeches that “[George] Zimmerman told police he had killed him. Shot him in the back of the head in self-defense” – although for some reason, the paper reporting Jackson’s statements, the Orlando Sentinel, has pulled the remarks (though the line is still available via Google Cache).

So either Kyles has information that nobody else does, or Jackson’s talking points are going around to his affiliated organizations. If the former, this could be a serious change in the nature of the case. If the latter, Jackson and those who are parroting him must stop spreading unsubstantiated information immediately – such behavior clouds the case itself, and drives public anger without evidence. 

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