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Gingrich To End Campaign In One Week

Gingrich To End Campaign In One Week

Newt Gingrich, Fox News reported this morning, is expected to end his quixotic campaign for president one week from today. Gingrich was once a frontrunner for the nomination after his stunning upset victory in the South Carolina presidential primary, but his star quickly faded as Mitt Romney defeated him in Florida.

Gingrich’s candidacy was buoyed by his early debate performances and his attacks on the liberal media – two aspects of campaigning that Mitt Romney should quickly adopt. And it seems that Romney has done so. In his interview with Breitbart News’ Larry O’Connor, Romney demonstrated that he recognized the massive media bias he would face. And Romney himself has exercised his sharp elbows of late, fighting back against the Obama machine smears with alacrity.

Although Gingrich’s candidacy was marked by the traits that seemed to haunt his political career – volatility, unpredictability, lack of organization – it was a valuable candidacy nonetheless, foreshadowing attacks the Obama campaign will make on Romney (Bain Capital) and preparing Romney for such attacks. The only question now is whether Gingrich will snag some sort of spot in a potential Romney administration, or whether he will return to the lucrative private sector work he embraced after leaving Congress.

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