Cindy Sheehan's Wild Rant Over Tax Evasion

Cindy Sheehan's Wild Rant Over Tax Evasion

Luke Skywalker is alive and well, but he is trapped in Cindy Sheehan’s body. Sheehan, the vitriolic anti-American who owes the government $105,000 in back taxes, was subpoenaed to appear in court in Sacramento.  On her blog, she consistently refers to the government as the “Empire.” Here are some examples from her rant:

For those of you who know me and have been following my story, you know that part of my resistance to the US Empire is my refusal to pay income taxes. This morning (April 19th), a new episode unfolded in my ongoing struggle with the IRS and the Empire the agency is nestled in …

I have an adviser who is an experienced tax attorney who advises the National War Tax Resister’s Coordinating Committee and he feels that the Empire may be targeting me …

When I decided to be a conscientious objector to war tax, I knew that the consequence could be harassment and/or punishment, but I decided to do it long before I became well known as a gadfly to Empire …

I came away feeling very energized and encouraged by today’s proceedings and if the Empire wants to make someone cower before them in fear to intimidate others, they picked the wrong person …

No Empire lasts forever and the terribly destructive nature of ours requires us to help its inevitable collapse. I am doing everything I can in my own small ways with all the courage I can muster and I appreciate all the support and help I get along the way.

Was Luke targeted by the Empire because he didn’t pay his taxes? Uh, no.  But then, he never had Maureen Dowd of the New York Times say of him, as she did of Sheehan, “Her moral authority is absolute.”

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