White House Chef: US's Greatest Threat Is Fat

White House Chef: US's Greatest Threat Is Fat

Here’s your multiple choice question of the day: According to Sam Kass, who was the personal chef for the Obama family before they moved into the White House and is now an assistant chef and food initiative coordinator there, what may be the nation’s greatest security threat?

    1. Islamic terrorists
    2. Nuclear weapons in Iran and North Korea
    3. China’s stranglehold on our national debt
    4. Fat

This shouldn’t be too hard. This is the Obama White House we’re talking about.

You guessed it. The answer is the extra poundage Americans carry. Here’s Kass, speaking of Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign, on the truly terrifying future for America and why Michelle Obama has focused the First Lady’s role on a svelte America:

“What motivates us is not just the fact that one in three Americans will have diabetes in their lifetime if we don’t change course, but the impact that it is having on our economy, on our health care system or our kids’ ability to learn. It’s not just the fact that obesity may be our nation’s greatest national security threat, although all those reasons are of vital importance.”

Kass spoke on Monday at an event hosted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Washington called “Weight of the Nation.” Kass added that he and Mrs. Obama are “dedicating the rest of our lives to the well-being of the next generation … This is our life’s work. The first lady dedicated her time and passion at the White House because this issue meant most to her as a mother and as an American.”

Kass rhapsodized over a “Let’s Move” event in February in Iowa:

“The energy of those 14,000 kids dancing and cheering for fruits and vegetables – it was amazing – reminds me of just how far we’ve come from those conversations around the kitchen table in Chicago to those first plants we put in the ground (at the White House).”

It’s good to know that even if Islamic terrorists slaughter us, repellent regimes bomb us, or China finally collects its chips and we suffer an unheard of depression, the Obamas care that we look good in our clothes.

What the heck, if we’re going to be buried, we might as well look our best.