John Kerry: Global Warming Skeptics 'Disgraceful'

John Kerry: Global Warming Skeptics 'Disgraceful'

In 2010, Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) tried to pass sweeping cap and trade legislation that dealt with climate change and failed. Now, Kerry’s throwing a fit. 

On Tuesday, Kerry, according to The Hill, said there is a “calculated campaign of disinformation” on climate change and made a a strong economic case for tackling climate change and boosting green energy” and argued for a “transformative moment in our politics.”

“We are living through a story of disgraceful denial, back-pedaling and delay that has brought us perilously close to a climate change catastrophe,” Kerry said, in comments picked up by The Hill

Liberals worship at the altar of global warming and climate change, so it is not that surprising that Kerry thinks cap and trade bills will boost the economy instead of leading to more cases of cronyism — like the failed green energy boondoggle that was Solyndra — and that conservatives are engaging in a campaign of disinformation, when it has been liberals who have been found to have repeatedly manipulated data to sell the public on global warming as an excuse to get more power for themselves and their allies. 

At least Kerry admitted as much when he also said:

“Our challenge is fundamentally political. It’s not about budgets. It’s not about regulations. It’s about leaders in the country who are unwilling to deal with the truth about climate change, and who have cowed the silent majority into submission with their contrived and concerted attacks without facts.”

Kerry is right, the climate change debate is a way for liberals to try to gain more political power and they — and their allies in the press — have “cowed the silent majority into submission with their contrived and concerted attacks without facts” and not the other way around.

Kerry, according to The Hill, said the public should be “pounding on the doors of Congress” to insist on legislation dealing with climate change like cap and trade.

Unfortunately, Kerry’s speech seemed more like that of someone pounding his fists on the desk in anger, frustrated that the sensible public is not buying the global warming malarkey being sold to them by people like Kerry. 

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