Obamacare Weeper Tweeted Romney Should Have Been Aborted, Is Obama's 'Best Fan'

Obamacare Weeper Tweeted Romney Should Have Been Aborted, Is Obama's 'Best Fan'

On Thursday, a woman named Stephanie Miller approached President Barack Obama after a campaign rally and wept, thanking him for passing Obamacare. The mainstream media ate up the story — in order to make Republicans opposed to Obamacare seem cruel.

But it turns out that Miller (@obamasbestfan) is a self-proclaimed “best fan” of Obama’s, according to her Twitter account. 

And a sampling of her tweets shows she is no fan of Republicans. 

For example, she has tweeted that Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul and Rush Limbaugh were reasons why women need birth control and legalized abortion: 

If there ever was a valid def. why women need birth control & legalized abortion it would b ROMNEY, SANTORIUM, GINGRINCH, PAUL, & LIMBAUGH!!

She tweeted that Gingrich’s and Santorum’s fathers should have “pulled out” and also lamented that the “kool aid” she accused the GOP of drinking was not the “Jim Jones special.”

Has the GOP all drank the kool aid??? Too bad it wasn’t the Jim Jones special!!!

Consistent with her public desires to see Republicans eradicated, she also tweeted that those “GOP test tube projects gone wrong … are why ABORTION is legal!!”

I’ll be like Pres. Obama any day rather than those GOP test tube projects gone wrong they are why ABORTION is legal!!

From these tweets, it turns out Miller was not just an ordinary person at a campaign rally. She is an Obama’s super fan and a GOP super hater. This is something the mainstream media should have mentioned to put Miller’s tears in context, something they surely would have done had the president been a Republican. 

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