Conservatives Got Suckered Again in Obamacare Decision

Conservatives Got Suckered Again in Obamacare Decision

We Conservatives keep playing by “nice guy” rules and still get screwed. We all recognize how John McCain blew it in 2008 by refusing to criticize Obama for:

McCain refused to do serious criticism of Obama and as a result lost the election.

We Conservatives thought we had learned the lesson of that. But the Supreme Court decision on Obamacare proves that as a group we haven’t learned a thing.

All through the months SCOTUS was considering its Obamacare ruling, Obama himself and many surrogates were in the media playing Chicago politics with the Supreme Court: using threats to intimidate the supreme judges of our nation.

We Conservatives responded only by attempting a rap on the knuckles those on the left seeking to threaten, intimidate, and thereby coerce the highest court in the land:

That was our tepid response to threats issued against SCOTUS. It was as if a robber were holding up a man at gun-point in the street, and Conservatives responded by publishing opinions to the effect that the robber wasn’t behaving very well.

Meanwhile, there is grave reason to believe, that all Judge Roberts was seeing was the threats – given the confused opinion that he wrote.

We Conservatives thought that SCOTUS was above intimidation – that they would see these threats as an anti-Constitional attempt by other branches of government to sway the judicial branch.  We all thought the threats would be serve as a clear warning to SCOTUS that the Executive branch of government was seeking an unconstitutional expansion of its power,  that SCOTUS’ own power and significance as a co-equal branch of government was under attack, and that SCOTUS would as a result be even more careful to rule in reasonable, thoughtful, logical and righteous manner.

We were wrong. We needed to be out there issuing our own warnings to the Court. The things we are saying now, after the ruling is a done deal, needed to be said as warnings before the Court ruled:

We let the SCOTUS decision on Obamacare be a replay of the failed approach McCain used against Obama in 2008.

With regard to SCOTUS, and with regard to the November elections, we must not make the same mistake again.