Harry Reid Puts On Brave Face For Rep. Berkley, Says Everything Will Be 'Fine'

Harry Reid Puts On Brave Face For Rep. Berkley, Says Everything Will Be 'Fine'

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), as a former boxer, should know that Nevada Rep. Shelley Berkley (D) is on the ropes. 

The House Oversight Committee voted unanimously to launch a formal investigation into the myriad of ways Berkley has used her office for personal financial gain. Such personal gain included sponsoring legislation and lobbying government officials to directly benefit a medical company owned by her husband. 

Berkley’s campaign launched two deceptive ads this week to try to change the subject, fully aware of the bipartisan bad press she is getting. More bad press is sure to follow once the House Oversight Committee begins its investigation.

On a conference call with reporters on Thursday, Reid tried to put on a brave face for Berkley. 

“Frankly, I think it’s good that this is all coming out in the open,” Reid said, according to Roll Call. “I think this is going to be fine for Shelley.”

One can only wonder how worried Reid must get for whenever he is asked questions about the imploding Democrat. 

First, the House Ethics Committee’s investigation into Berkley’s crony capitalistic activities may implicate Reid, whose support Berkely apparently courted and eventually enlisted to stop her husband’s medical business from being defunded. 

Second, Reid may lose the senate and his Majority Leader position if Berkley loses her senate bid, which seems more likely in light of evidence that shows she used her position in Congress for financial gain and campaign contribution kickbacks. 

Third, a Berkley loss would be potentially more embarrassing for Reid because it would take place in Reid’s home state and make him — and his influence — seem feeble. 

As more details about Berkley’s — and potentially Reid’s — activities are revealed, it will be much tougher for Reid to speak in such positive platitudes.