Obama Campaign Commits Five Gaffes in One Week

Obama Campaign Commits Five Gaffes in One Week

President Barack Obama apparently has a lot of rust to shake off as he gears up for his “last campaign.”

Last week, he and his team committed at least five campaign gaffes:

 1.    Obama charged that Mitt Romney is not “qualified to think about the economy as a whole.”  To be clear, a man who has never owned or run a lemonade stand is challenging the economic bona fides of a man who ran one of the most successful equity firms in America.

2.     Obama told an audience that “if you have health insurance you will not be hit with a tax.” The cringe-worthy implication of course being, if you do not have health insurance, you will be subject to a tax. 

3.     The Obama campaign charges that Romney is a…felon?   A man who is so vanilla he won’t so much as consume caffeine is a hardened criminal?  Hardly bumper sticker worthy.

4.    “There’s a term limit thing in the presidency,” Obama said. “This isn’t like Congress, I can’t just keep on running.” That’s correct, Mr. President.  Right you are, sir! 

5.   According to Obama, viewers of the most-watched cable news network  (Fox News) are “stubborn.” Insulting voters generally doesn’t yield votes. 

Silly season has officially begun.

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