Senator Introduces D.C. Abortion Ban Amendment to Cybersecurity Bill

Senator Introduces D.C. Abortion Ban Amendment to Cybersecurity Bill

The Hill reports that Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) filed an amendment to a cybersecurity bill that would outlaw abortions in D.C. after the fetus reaches 20 weeks, which research suggests is the time when the fetus can feel pain. 

The amendment was identical to a bill introduced in the House, which failed since it did not receive a two-thirds vote majority. The higher threshold was required because the House brought up the bill under suspension of parliamentary rules.

And while Lee’s filing had good intentions, it is hard to see how the amendment relates to cybersecurity. Such tactics cause regular Americans to shake their heads at Congress, especially many in the Tea Party that have always backed Lee’s brand of conservatism.

Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT), according The Hill, asked his colleagues not to file any more amendments that were not germane to the cybersecurity bill he authored. 

“We can get this bill done and protect our security… Nobody believes we’re going to repeal ObamaCare this week or we’re going to adopt gun control legislation,” Lieberman said, in reference to other amendments that were filed along with Lee’s. 

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