NY Voters Prefer Muslims to Mormons and Born-Again Christians

NY Voters Prefer Muslims to Mormons and Born-Again Christians

A new survey by Quinnipiac University found that New York City residents are more likely to vote for a gay, lesbian or Muslim president than a born-again Christian, Mormon, or atheist. 30% of New Yorkers said they would turn an atheist down, 27% said thumbs-down on a born-again Christian, 24% nixed Mormons, but only 19% would vote against a Muslim and 10% against a gay or lesbian.

In the seething leftist politically-correct cauldron of New York, it makes perfect sense that born-again Christians and Mormons would be disdained; they represent cultures that decry hedonism and champion personal responsibility, and those rejections of excesses are generally not what made New York famous. Political correctness demands that they eschew criticizing Muslims; but the real mystery is why New Yorkers would reject atheists.

But who understands New Yorkers anyway?



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