Today: Presidential Candidates Tour Key States Looking for Votes

Today: Presidential Candidates Tour Key States Looking for Votes

Mitt Romney will fundraise in Texas on Tuesday and Vice President Joe Biden will be exiled to Minnesota after his week of gaffes on the campaign trail.

Once again, President Barack Obama and Paul Ryan will be the focal points on Tuesday. Obama will start the day in Columbus, Ohio and then end the day in Nevada, where he will campaign with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Rep. Shelley Berkely, the embattled Democrat who is being investigated for using her perch in Congress to directly benefit her husband’s business interests. Berkeley is running to unseat Republican Senator Dean Heller. 

Ryan will go from Steelers country to Eagles country, as he travels both ends of Pennsylvania. Ryan will hold a rally in Carnegie, Pennsylvania (the hometown of baseball legend Honus Wagner) in the western part of the state and then hold another later in the day in the eastern part of the state in West Chester, in the suburbs of Philadelphia. If Romney has a chance of winning Pennsylvania, he will have to rack up huge margins with working class voters in Western Pennsylvania and slice into Obama’s lead with independents in the famed Philadelphia suburbs. A recent Franklin and Marshall Pennsylvania poll found Romney is gaining on Obama in the Philadelphia suburbs. 

The mainstream media will focus on whether Missouri  Rep. Todd Akin quits his race before Tuesday’s 5 p.m. deadline and the human life Amendment in the GOP’s draft platform. 

In Nevada, Reid may bring up Romney’s taxes yet again to not only distract from Obama’s poor economy but to deflect attention from the terrible optics that will surround Obama’s appearance with Berkley, if Berkley appears with Obama as planned.

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