Blue Collar Appeal: Ann Romney Shops at Costco

Blue Collar Appeal: Ann Romney Shops at Costco

Mitt Romney has tried to come off as less elite, and he hopes his $18 dollar dress shirts from Costco can help average voters relate to him more. 

Romney’s wife, Ann, who will speak at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday, said she bought Romney a three-pack of Costco’s Kirkland-Signature-brand dress shirts recently, and Romney wears the dress shirts “all the time now.”

“They’re very nice shirts,” Mitt Romney said. 

Ann Romney made those remarks in an interview with FOX News Sunday. The Romneys gave a joint interview that tried to warm up the candidate who often comes across as chilly and distant on camera even though he is not like that when the cameras are off.  

Ann Romney said Mitt also irons his own shirts and does his own laundry, and she cooked dinner and shopped for groceries even when her multiple sclerosis flared up. The Romneys flipped pancakes at one point during the interview and mentioned that Mitt prefers peanut butter to syrup on his pancakes. They said they hoped a future Romney White House would be filled with grandchildren; the Romney’s have 18 grandkids. 

Ann Romney also spoke like a Costco expert in an effort to relate to voters who like to shop at Costco for bargains. 

“It’s great. Are you kidding? Have you ever been to it?” Romney said. “I know how to shop Costco. You go in the door — I don’t want everyone to learn this trick — you go in the door, you take a sharp right and you go way down to the back of the store and just shop the outside of the aisles, and boom, boom, boom.”