NRA to Gun Owners: Are You 'All In' This November?

NRA to Gun Owners: Are You 'All In' This November?

Gun owners have historically been lovers of freedom. They represent a segment of America that still values personal responsibility and understands the role private gun ownership plays in it. Because of these things, the National Rifle Association (NRA) is asking gun owners to be “all in” this November: to show up to the polls in mass and protect freedom by voting for Gov. Mitt Romney over Barack Obama.

To accomplish this, the NRA is stressing the fact that freedom has been under assault by the Obama administration from day one. From failed subterfuges for gun-control like Fast and Furious and the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty, to President Obama’s openly anti-gun pledges, like his pledge to push gun control “under the radar,” the last four years have taught us that a second term for Obama will mean four more years of anti-gun rhetoric, legislation, and executive orders.  

In asking gun owners to be “all in,” the NRA is appealing to larger numbers of citizens than the mainstream media and others will ever admit. For example, statistics from last year show that 47% of Americans had a gun they kept on their person or their property (and that number is rising).

If a significant portion of those 47% take the NRA’s challenge seriously and show up to vote this November, it will make it very difficult for Obama to earn a second term. 

Therefore, if you’re a gun owner, ask yourself one simple question: Are you all in?