Romney Leads in Two Post-Debate Polls in Virginia

Romney Leads in Two Post-Debate Polls in Virginia

Mitt Romney leads President Barack Obama in two post-debate polls in Virginia, showing Romney’s dominating performance over Obama during Thursday’s debate has given him momentum in one of the most important 2012 swing states. 

A Rasmussen Reports poll showed Romney leading Obama by one point, 49% to 48%. We Ask America also polled Virginia on Thursday and found Romney leading by three points, 48% to 45%.

Romney’s favorability numbers have also improved. Fifty-four percent had a favorable impression of Romney in the Rasmussen poll. In Rasmussen’s previous poll, 50 percent of Virginians had a favorable impression of Romney and Obama led by one point, 49% to 48%.  

Rasmussen surveyed 500 likely voters in Virginia on Thursday. 

The We Ask America poll had even more good news for Romney, as Romney also led in Ohio and Florida on Thursday night.

Romney made his first campaign appearance after the debate in Virginia on Thursday night, where he received the endorsement of the National Rifle Association (NRA). The campaign appearance generated headlines splashed across the front pages of Virginia’s papers on Friday that gave a sense of the momentum on the ground for Romney, which the two polls show. 

Below is a sampling of some of the front-page headlines in Virginia’s newspapers on Friday.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch: “Romney Shakes Up The Race.”

The News Leader in Staunton, Virginia: “A Relaunch At Expo.”

The News Virginian in Waynesboro, Virginia: “Romney Rallies The Valley.”

The Winchester Star, in Wincester, Virginia: “GOP Ticket Goes On The Offensive In Virginia Stop.”