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Obama Stops Releasing Stimulus Reports Ahead of Election

Obama Stops Releasing Stimulus Reports Ahead of Election

Remember when President Obama promised the most transparent administration in history? That was just another broken promise, as Jeffrey Anderson of the Weekly Standard reports. As it turns out, President Obama hasn’t released reports about the $831 billion stimulus package since the second quarter of 2011. That’s thanks in large part to the dramatic failure of the stimulus – and the fact that every time a report was released by the administration, it demonstrated vast wastes of taxpayer cash. A January 2010 report showed that Americans had paid $148,000 for every job created. In April, that was $167,000. In July, $190,000. By December 2011, it was $317,000.

No jobs. Lots of cash.

So Obama simply stopped releasing the reports, two years earlier than called for by the stimulus bill. His disdain for the rule of law knows no bounds – even laws he writes and rams through Congress. It Obama’s attitude toward the Constitution that is truly shovel-ready.

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