Mandel Statistically Tied in Ohio

Mandel Statistically Tied in Ohio

According to a new poll conducted by Josh Mandel’s campaign, there is a statistical tie between Mandel and incumbent Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown. A Public Opinion Strategies poll taken Oct. 16-17 showed Brown at 44% and Mandel at 43%.

Although there is scuttlebutt that Mandel cannot win the Senate seat if Mitt Romney doesn’t win Ohio, Mandel is confident that he can win no matter what happens in the presidential race.  Mandel said of Romney, “While I believe he’s going to win and I’m doing everything I can to help him, we believe we have a path to victory, whether or not he wins.”

Bnrown ignored the hard evidence that the private sector in Ohio took another downturn in September and bragged, “I don’t think any Senator in the country works as hard as I do on casework, and on convening groups of people to make our state better, to grow jobs. This suit I have on? Made in Cleveland, Ohio … The only manufacturer Hugo Boss has in the United States. They just signed their second three-year contract. I perform in this job.”

Sure Brown performs — like a trained seal for Barack Obama and his economic policies.