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Former ACORN Founder: Let's Community Organize Wikipedia

Former ACORN Founder: Let's Community Organize Wikipedia


According to Wade Rathke, founder of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), unions should start plastering Wikipedia with pro-union propaganda. Rathke suggested that unions “draft folks from the communications departments of various national and international unions for the project,” so as to better counter “attack from conservatives and corporate shills and web-workers who ‘manage’ their social media presence.”

Now, Rathke doesn’t just want to even out the Wikipedia entries. He wants to propagandize. Or, as he puts it, “The harder job of not just restoring some entries to reality but pushing some of the slants so they are able to stand straight is critical.  I hope our folks have the endurance and take this notion seriously before the fiction becomes so settled in the Wiki-world that there is no longer the prospect for facts or truths in that world.”

Get ready for the propaganda machine to hit Wikipedia – or at least, to hit it even harder than it’s been hit in the past.

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