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Biden: Romney Doesn't Respect Latino Voters

Biden: Romney Doesn't Respect Latino Voters


In an attempt to woo Latino voters, Vice President Joe Biden was asked by Enrique Rodríguez on Univision why women find him “so appealing.” Rodriguez said that one of the five reasons women gave was Biden’s hair.


Biden responded, “I wish I had the hair, man. I wish I had the hair. I used to have hair. I used to have dark hair, you know. I mean, even my wife, when I show her pictures from back when I was in college, doesn’t believe it.”

We don’t believe ya now, Plugs. Whaddya mean ya wish ya had hair? Why, ya gotta veritable forest on top of your head where there used ta be a desert!

But under all that artificial hair, there still lurks the viper capable of venomous attacks. Biden, appealing to machismo, said Mitt Romney doesn’t respect Latino voters:

First of all, it just is a matter of simple respect. It’s all about genuine respect. And you know, in the neighborhoods I come from you can tell, you can tell when people genuinely respect you.

Maybe Biden should talk to the furious Latino populace in the San Joaquin Valley of Central California, whose agricultural communities have dried up because the federal government has turned the tap off on their water. Some communities have had unemployment as high as 45% because of the federal government’s interference.

Biden claimed that the Obama Administration has been “breaking our neck” to try to pass comprehensive immigration reform. They’ve had almost 4 years, and nothing has been done.

Biden charged that Romney would slash Pell Grants and early education funding in their budget, severely hurting Latino students. But Biden won’t acknowledge the smoke and mirrors Obama is using on Pell Grants, and how Ryan wants them to exist but target those truly in need.

Real respect is when someone doesn’t simply give you a handout, but creates an environment in which those willing to work can succeed. Obama’s environment has 23 million people out of work, plenty of them Latino. Hey, Plugs, how much respect is that?

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